The Official Sandbox Mini-Convo Thread


This is the SuperMechs Sandbox Mini-Convo Thread.

As some of you know and don’t know, Elcent and Xzyckon have banned any conversations on the Supermechs Sandbox thread and most of you don’t have Discord or and want it so I am designating this place for the very purpose of talking about the sprites created by artists.

This is a stop-gap station for the Sandbox. Please talk wisely. I have consulted Xyckon and all is well with this thread.

A stop-gap means that it’s for a quick comment or two on a sprite and long conversations but long convos would be highly preferred on the Discord server.

Here is the link to the thread:
SuperMechs Sandbox

And here is a link to the Discord:
Sprite Kingdom

SuperMechs Sandbox Chatroom
SuperMechs Sandbox

Talk here for the time being, I am asking Xzyckon to legitimize this thread
EDIT: Permission granted


I should stress that what we wanted to do is move actual conversations about the hobby to the discord server, not necessarily quick comments directly to the artwork showcased. The problem is that these quick comments can easily turn into these full blown conversations, because humans tend do that.

This also coupled in with the increase of traffic to the thread has made this change an easier way to manage it.


Bad idea i sorry…good luck


Just trying to keep this thread relevant, don’t mind me


@MCG_567_YT Explain this


Autoanium lol


Lmao that was pretty damn neat!


That explanation was first class. Totally want to see it in-game now.


Too bright IMO


Can you take that down, i have my reasonings. If you must know why X, pm me


sooo should i take it down?


No need to, I’m just explaining where the colours come from since that’s what people like to get confused about.


got ya. i just didnt wanna offend ya with ur work. so thats why i offered to take it down if ya didnt like it.


Has anyone else noticed that the Mythical Archimonde torso has a dog or guinea pig for its chest?
sprite 451




Weird… I thought that a forum was about posting conversations… I hope I do not get banned for this comment! (That is rather pathetic…)


i LOVE the remix that killin did to my Hot Shot


idea for a new remix!


It looks just like my yoshima torso