The "no plate" season - LG


Wepwawet and Misfit… friends…I really respect both of you … I also want to ask you to cool a little … otherwise the Lord Gordon will close his own thread and other players will not learn about his experiment. I apologize for my words if I offended you


Good items don’t exist.


And by the way, I don´t know if Gorgon is better than me, or I’m better than Gorgon, because actually when we face him and me, we go 50/50 in battles. I think he goes up more in the ranking because he plays more than me or because he does not have to face all the HTK players (I haven´t that prerogative, I’m not in a top clan, so I practically have to face everyone).


Peeps lets keep it civil please.

Personal note: come on guys… its just me joyfully testing stuffs and making a fuss about it. No big deal…
I wish this thread to remain friendly.



Correct :exclamation:

I respect these honest words a lot (the only ones from these posts) :exclamation:




Oh Michelle.


Only good builds and tactics ^^


Anyway, dear thread participants. I have good hope for this plate free line up to have an easy time coming black skull.
Very likely not as efficient as the overplated horgon line up. Still good.

How to figure in out?


(Next season)


Yeah yeah, nice to meet you @Lordhorgon

Also, if there’s one thing I’m sure of, that’s I’ll get destroyed by both plate-filled and plate-free Gorgon…

It’s not like there’s a 5+ rank difference between us :joy_cat:


Teaser: even though all is buildable. You gueesed it, its gonna be phys based.
Beware, some might be new here, but it aint my first physical run to speak of.


Hey i do the similar thing this season too!


Great endehavour… however you write it.




Wish you good luck and more important FUN doing your experimental @lordgorgon :exclamation:

Great idea :exclamation:


Also pretty much do-able to do also pretty good with, since Physical is again pretty strong :exclamation:

(however we define “pretty good” :wink: )


The ones who see an issue with, or at least try to talk it as an “issue” are the ones who even with best inventory are not successful :exclamation:



Thanks girl.


We all know my inventory is hot trash filled with broken dreams. It’s not nice to target those not granted a loaded inventory-


There was not even a little reference to you … you are doing great with your inventory :exclamation:
I refered to the once with one of the best inventories of all players, but stil close to never in the Top 3 :exclamation:

But even that is not ment bad, just stating a fact … even with simular inventory, the player make the difference, not the inventory :exclamation:
(huge difference in the inventories is a different story :wink: )



My enwrgy build is pateless. Been monthes i use it.


used to run this plateless heat, till the murder of heatpoint


Pateless…??:thinking: I use rollers…