The "no plate" season - LG


Hi people, and good sunday.

As some may now, i am a notorious platinium plate (ab)user in the game. I equip 4 on each of my heat mechs. Very good build, but ultra premium.

So, as its been sometimes that im using those. I very likely lost touch as for how it goes if you dont have any, or say, less than 4/5 plates

Next season, i will run a set up with 0 of those and see for myself.

Builds are set, 3 sweet 1000kgs OCD friendly ones. I need to max some modules before deploying, hence the timeframe.

Platinium plated arses from all horizons, dont hesitate to join me; could be funky.


Inspired by the “dare thread” too.


you’ll still kill it, G


I’m actually very curious to see how it is going to be
You will feel the pain …



Very interesting …Good Luck Lord G


I call my phys mech in the line-up


nope, two of these boys


are you confirmin or guessin with me


My energy havent HP plates…


2 of those and his EMP drainer are what shows up when you click his name in the leaderboard.

all gorrillas as you might expect lmao


@lordgorgon i dare you to perform a whole season without maximum protectors


Hopefully, youll be the one feeling the pain bro. :grinning:


“i wont use any plat plates.”
slaps on the premium resistance modules


Very nice! Welcome to my world hehe…i Wish u good luck this season…i will definitly watch every single replay. Respect for this approach


I’m always in the No-Plate season dawg


wow, now you’re a victim))
I’ll go find you in chat and invite you to be torn apart))


I know lolicon king.


Im taking note.
Hopefully youll be able to.


Wait, does that mean Platinum Plate or all plates?


No plates at all for me.