The "no plate" season - LG / General discussion (sweetness)

I run an elec buold since long time. It doesnt use any plates.
Never took it out against you cause it gets shredded by magmas.


I like this idea Gorgon, be interesting to see how you do. Also curious about protectors, could you maybe run a season without those and see how it goes? Either way you should do well, I doubt you will have trouble getting rank 1.

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so this is happening next week?

cuz i swear i just lost to a certain 3059hp user

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Oh no, I was thinking this season (((

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he will make three physical, you will see))

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2 phys 1 energy isn more likely


that seems possible without plates

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Well, 2800-2900 is easy achivable with the Monkey series… while still beeing allrounders.
3k hp, still doable but slightly counterish.
This is the lineup for this week :

Plat free you say?
Perfect 1000kg weight?
Hold my beer…


Yup, back to the phys roots obviously.

Join me next week mate, will be funky.

I want you to use heat builds without plats
That would be fun


now that is just masocism.

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Really ?
Then that’s what i’m going through heh

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Alredy started it.
Riped quite a few of you clansmates today with them builds.
Best find some other builds, these have a copyright attached to them.

Ps: not to fool ourselfs, these builds do pack the same amount of premium modules in them, only difference is that they aint platplats, but storages are just as rare. And the premium utilities, and most of the wepons are premium also… so they aint exactly the f2p build.


Was about to write you.
Watched you kicking Canopy, excellent boys.

Mine are totally different, will share them in the backoffice.

You have a plate on the wheelchaired one though :slight_smile:

I have many modules to work on, cant deploy yet.

pretty sure your last mech has 1 plate on it

don’t see how else you get that number.

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You see it wrong …

  • he is the only one able to build a Mech

  • he is the only one able to build a great Mech

  • ALL builds ever made and used are created by him




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“yay maybe i have a chance to defeat these plat users!”
sees that theyre just using the monkey armors which is basically any torso + 2 plats
also sees all the protectors


Belive it or not… i can’t get an iron plate out of boxes,to replace the platplat.
And i dont want to ruin one of the irons i have on my GOATs.
So, until i get an iron plate… gonna use that platplat.
Actualy i need 2 of them… bloody luck.
The design remains the same.

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I saw you having fun, those will be efficient i believe.
All good. Hunting an energy engine myself… 4M gold… none.