The "no plate" season - LG / General discussion (sweetness)

@lordgorgon 2v2 me when you get all your parts ready, should be interesting.


Too bad , “Skilled and honourable players” wouldnt be what they are without their platlates


Thats what im triying to figure out. Feedback next season’s end.


O good luck and have fun :smiley:


@lordgorgon… You are the boring rich guy who wants to play 1 week to be poor. It´s easy (and funny) to disguise yourself as a poor player when you know you can return to your wealth whenever you want!

I would like to see if you are willing to destroy half (only half) of your PP … then let’s see if it seems so fun.

again spreading venom whereever u go. its sad.


Passive agressivity is tangible here. Nice.
Reminds me of your (multiple) “i am now a f2p” statements, double standards.


So basically…

  • We can’t have fun by doing some things once or twice, just because we’re rich/lucky ?
  • We absolutly should wreck ourself to make our fun socially acceptable ?



Without Plat plat.?..Hmm…What is it?. Suicidal mood?. I’m starting to worry about you….Joke


@Miron_Mironovich call the asylum, that’s worse


Those are things that are said in times of anger.

I´m unable to go voluntarily to lower ranks, or to play like a f2p after 3 years of having invested so much. Nor voluntarily renounce my PP.

But, I am willing to do everything I can so that f2p players have better chances of getting good items. I wish I could see more f2p players on the top!

I don´t want to go down, I want them to be able to rise …


Thats actually no plates at all.
I believe rank1 wont be a problem cant be sure though.

Your playmates are not gladiators that you can use when you are bored.

If you want to play with them, at the same level, extend your hand so they can climb up to where you are.


Can you show me where that was the main point of the topic ?

Why you ask others to do so then ?

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But it was never said to use other as playmates…

They’re rather, experimentators (or crash-test dummies), while one person is having fun with his experimentations…
If they enjoy it, good, if they don’t, who cares ?

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To me I care! Because today I´m here and tomorrow I don´t know.

I already run a plate free energy, phys and heat by principle can’t be “relieved” of their plates because I don’t have the right monkeys

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can I nominate wep for the world records thread as “most hypocritical player in the game”? wep, you are one of the biggest spenders in the game right now alongside El_metre, the both of you are equal to if not ahead of Gorgon in terms of money spent in this game, even if you restrict it to post-reloaded. you have the same amnount of fancy items such as plat plates, and indeed, you havce things he lacks such as magma blasts to boot.

and are you not the one who pioneered the double deso, pack on plat plate templates? was it not you who decried gorgon a copycat when he ventured into the same style of mech building? only, I sense you are perhaps salty that Gorgon did so to much greater success. you are everything you hate in Gorgon. and Gorgon is everything you wish you were. he doesnt need to destroy his plat plates to prove that.


Have I ever denied that I have invested money in the game?

I just wish that with what I and others like me invested, we would also finance the players who cannot afford to pay and TS give them good weapons. There are very good f2p players that cannot be shown on the top because they lack good items. As of Tuesday, we are always the same ones who compete against us, 99% of us, who have invested enough to have what we want.

I do not question if Gorgon or any other top player is a good or bad player. Most of us are average players with good items, just that.