The newest glitch now

The new glitch now allows me to have more or duplicate an item excessively… Then crashes when it’s used for another mech?

Any info on?


Can you pm me how you performed this glitch?


Me too :-)!
How can we reproduce this?

So first, I went into my workshop after fusing some items and this happened

And so I pressedd Top Weapons and back to Torso & Legs and that’s when my items reappeared but the arrows were still there. so I just out of curiosity dragged some items back and forth when my torso got stuck on my cursor… so I tried pressing the back button to get to the main page but instead it just duplicated and duplicated my Nightmare torso.

In the end I refreshed my page and eveything was gone and working fine but my torso and legs were in the pile of other torsos. :slight_smile: Hopes this helps :+1: @Gaurav @Sarah247

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Thanks so much!
We will check it out.

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So just a graphical glitch… what a shame. :slight_smile:


An also… Why does the Legacy Converter appear when I buy a paint?? @Sarah247 @Gaurav

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I like the title of this topic. It wont be the newest for long. They’ll break something else.

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Your what you want is infinite torsos to improve all your things (that good is just a simple graphic error) xD

He exposed you Wanny Bubbit! @Fluxeon

Of course man. Why wouldn’t I want that… everyone wants that. :slight_smile:

Maybe I can duplicate some of those myth HP plates… then tell everyone else how to do it, so the game can become fair.

Mmm, that does not make the game more boring, and it’s never easier to take advantage of mistakes

That is without honor it is better to get them on your own that is more fun and to duplicate things takes away the devercion to the game :wink:

If for some reason you find an error to duplicate articles, I prefer to tell an administrator not to tell them to half the world (you can always see a punishment) :wink:

Even if the game is not fair, we can not do anything that does not mean that we have to find an error to duplicate weapons and items.

Well if they don’t fix things, we should fix it ourselves. :slight_smile:

Just like when I figured they won’t drop the silly fusion costs when the new version got released, I fixed the problem myself.

It’s fun to get myth HP plates on your own? Where is the fun? You just have to spend real money till you get 'em or till you’re broke, it’s not even remotely fun as a mechanic :joy:



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