The new update is amazing!

Our fuel capacity has been cut in half ! we can now grind campaign even less than before without spewing out 20 tokens ! isnt this the best update ever !? cheers !


nice sprites , game is worser for grinders now.

the devs just INSIST you to buy tokens with real money…

Ekhm, ekhm, as always, you missed all the benefits of this update, @TheWindWeaver… Now the refill is 30 tokens, not 20… No wonder it is so hard to please this community. You work your head off as a developer, trying to boost the gameplay, and people just do not notice, do not appreciate. Shame on you, bad @TheWindWeaver, bad!

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^ I’ll have what he’s having

Wait until battle credit’s return which can only be refueled with tokens , probably an even better update

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I think some good progamers could make competition how much thy ■■■■ up the code of game with their own hacks :slight_smile: