The new orb cannon trio need love

some days ago i was rebalancing & rethinking my builds
then i noticed something
Spinefall, Desert snake & Mighty cannon are awfull on theyre performance

Spinefall should drain more energy compared to its high consumption, heat generation & weight
it should drain at least 123 energy & keep current stats

Desert snake is the same history its heat dmg its so low…
it generates 75 & deals just 71 & also consumes energy???
if it could deal 91 heat & keep current stats would be better

Mighty cannon could be thinked like a longer range night eagle
but with that consumption & generation it isnt so good at all
if it could drain 9 resistance on mythical & 10 more minimun dmg with the current stats it can worth the high consumption & weight

so tell me what u think? those r sightly buffs that can make those weapons better, or at least thats what i think
after all theyre suposed to be “premium items” should be better than the weapons a common mortal can have

  • Good buff should be used
  • good but with other stats (write ur idea)
  • nah theyre ok

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answer D: I never tried them… and btw, Spinefall reduces a bit Regen and Desert Snake damages a bit Cooling ^^

i know
but lets see hysteria & savagery
they reduce cap & have highter drain & heat dmg
i know they do less HP dmg
but have u seen orb cannons minimun dmg?
also hysteria & savagery both have same range & related cost
difference between them should be only
-the max dmg (wich is excused being leg-myth only)
-they do regen/cooling dmg instead of max cap
-Blowback (wich is understanded with highter weight & cost)

also grim cobra reduces regen too & its more than what spinefall reduces
so as u see theres no point of having highter cost with less drain/heat dmg, thats why i only talk about buffing those stat

Pull stats are heavy.

be more specific please

They be like “This weapon can pull your opponent, so it’s enought”

not counting on that pull in range 4 is almost useless for any mech type on this version…

hmm looks pretty lazy & inneficient x me
im ok with theyre weight by the pull, but that cost with those little extras disapoint me

The proof that what you say is true is that you basically never see these weapons being used. I think maybe if the costs were reduced they would see more use, the max damage is pretty good.

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yeah the problem is the minimum & the extras xD
just 7 regen dmg from spinefall compared to valiant sniper or even grim cobra its shamefull u know
desert cobra its the only heat blowback weapon & its crap, generates 75 heat dealing just 71 & also needing energy with only 7 cooling dmg its even worse than spinefall
mighty cannon its just expensive on its cost xD but its the bestie of the trio