The new meta build (Please nerf it is too powerful)


This is ridiculous this mech is too powerfull ;ksdfhjdlfjhadsKFAJSDHFALKSDJHFAKLSJFHASLDKFHASKLFJAHSFKLADJSH

The world as we no it will end because of this mech it is god

Those premium legs make it even more unbeatable


It is unstoppable

so unfair


Its really a shame that the developers allow these type of unbalanced, money grabbing builds like this to happen, in their newest “UPDATE”.
They grab at your cash like a cat with yarn, never satisfying their greed.
Sometimes I wonder if they allow meta builds like this one to continue just for their own petty entertainment. How tf can anybody beat this mech?!!
Nobody spend a single cent untill this meta ends.


When will they stop to pay to win,god damn it!
Dude,I quit.
We’ll never beat this guy.
I’ll just go cry in my corner…


It’s unbeatable,even myth builds cant beat it lol


if you cant beat them

join them