The New Maxed Mythicals Thread 2 (since the nerf update)

For help some players here the list of some maxed out item (PS 1 :complete the list please, if you have things that i dont have in this list, i will update list. if you want to know a specific item, say me i will look for it. :wink: ) :
Torsos & Legs :

Weapons :

Others :

(bonus module)


Windigo is betyer than nightmare lmao

Could ypu upload screenshot of the skull mythical drone (heat)?

One question… how? How did you managed to get all these pics of fully fused myths?
Ps: i salute your initiative, and will add some of mine as soon as i get to laptop.
Good job.

Does anyone have the hidden stats? Specifically on the drones that drain heat/cooling/energy/regen?

Discouraging how many good items are legendary/mythical only (aka I have no chance of getting them).

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Stats of Ultrabright and Hysteria at full fuse good sir?

It has 7 cooldown damage… which is hidden.


This is a good guide @OmegaTrion gave u a like

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How you guys have such item like that? Is is only obtainable from premium boxes or not?

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Hidden stats is visible during play only
Currupt light heat drain stats is visible only ingame



best name of a drone lol


Yeah, please post the hidden stats if you have the item. Especially the heat and energy drains on Nemo, Murmur and the two energy versions.


I dont have any myth item yet. hidden weapon stats can be found ingame just click or hold item for while. Right side corner you will see stats for damage. Left side you will see cost stats.

I want myth max stats for dawn blaze side item. My two Corrupt light fail me against insane big boy.