The mythical weapon

Well a few days ago I created a survey about which weapon article improved the winner was the corrupt enrgia with 57% but I got everything I needed and tomorrow I will present my new mythic

maybe today I have the weapon in mythic oh maybe tomorrow but I think it will be tomorrow because I always spend 100 tokens in each new weapon that I get in mythic so tomorrow I will present my weapon Something tells me that one of these will be mythical in a week and a half … :confused:


NO!!! Don’t use the heat engine as transforming material. It’s rare asf ._.

I think mythical plates and mythical protectors are rare but that’s just me.

What’s the name of that torso?

the torso used as transform material ?

Golem i think, epic to legend heat torso, phys variant is Redeemer, dunno elec version

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remember today I will present my new mythical