The mysteries about hypersizes of arena battle

After this i think: 2-1000 range? Are there is a hypersized arenas? Why 1000 is a max? Why 1001 is make hook don`t work? Why so many?

And i dont say about drones with INFINITY range, they are the strange mystery…

There are infinite possibilities of Supermechs range in infinite realities


I can remember that old grappling hooks have a range of 2-4 2-5 and maybe 2-6


Those one goes ALL THE WAY over there and back. It’s just in case some player decides to jump 1000 spaces away from u. No biggy. Just pull em back.


And drone range is 0-999, I think the drone can’t shoot above 1000. But the battle area only have 10 block, you can’t jump over the thing that on the end of the area, if can jump over, means the area is unlimited, so if a player wore a leg that move 3 range and a player that wore a leg that only can move 2 range, so the second player never can chase the first player :joy:


would be something if the arenas had no boundaries

why not just remove those ranges for hooks, charge engines, teleport or make it infinite like drones?

With luck, you can hit the players fighting in the next arena.

Just don’t be surprised if you pull in another player with the hook.

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