The Mr. "'I wanna change something'!

If you developed SuperMechs, instead of Tactisoft, then what would be the things that you would change while making it?

Tell me atleast 5 things

For me

  1. Making it in 3D.
  2. Different types of arena seasons
  3. More bosses
  4. RTX support (If you can handle it!)
  5. And finally, put custom music support!

RTX, for those who are unfamiliar, it is ray tracing
A graphics rendering technique to simulate real-time lighting.


hmmm… probably add 4v4

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I would probably add a translator to the game so that players can communicate freely in the game


yes music has to come in …
especially when it comes to losing the arena,
before the last critical blow !!!

:speaker: :loud_sound: :notes: :drum: :skull:


Nice ideas from you, unfortunately tacticsoft would never invest that much effort into SuperMechs :exclamation:

BUT great question :heavy_heart_exclamation:

IF I would develop SuperMechs, then I would do 100% following things …
(incl explanation)

  • reducing ALL stats by 50%

With Reloaded they raised all stats by 100 - 300%, this had a huge inpact about how long a battle runs AND for the players important, HOW MUCH skills (= thinking time) are needed :exclamation:
With this raising all stats, the Luck-Factor went way too much into the game (made on purpose by tacticsoft), so that close to 0 skills are needed now … just press the shoot button and all is fine :exclamation:
There is still a LITTLE skills needed, but compared to the good old days, its close to 0, out of the reasons I explained here now :exclamation:

  • never let go Liran from the developer team

Means I would pay him as much as he wanted (of course in a normal frame), because Liran = Mr. SuperMechs, it is his baby and he know the game and its mechanics best of all people in the world :exclamation:
Also he was able to listen to the players and worked together with them in a really nice way :heavy_heart_exclamation:
He brought most players to the game with a little bit “Luck”, when Ssundee (+10 mil subs) made a SuperMechs video AND when Liran started a SuperMechs YouTube channel :exclamation:

  • increasing the drop rates by minimum 20%

This would have a huge inpact for the f2p players, as well as for the p2w players, for BOTH :exclamation:
Good dropes would make f2p players happy - mouth to mouth propaganda would bring a lot new players :exclamation:
Good dropes would make p2w players happy - would let them spend even more :exclamation:
Something tacticsoft never got :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

  • giving out FREE goodies from time to time as it WAS before

This is just to say the great player community Thank You from time to time :heavy_heart_exclamation:

  • implementing “Leagues” into the Arena (as we had in old SuperMechs with item levels) … now we can make Common / Rare / Epic / Legendary / Mythical / Divine mechs and let them battle vs each in FAIR, FUN and NICE battles

When SuperMechs had this, FOR THE PLAYERS it was the most FUN to play SuperMechs and to build best possible mechs for each category :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:



awesome explanation and good tips to developers but I think maybe the owners just want something else. Many new kids are walking away post few weeks playing. “Sad”. They don’t get it. :pensive::roll_eyes:

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Now , those are some amazing ideas! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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if the game does not change … he will die !!

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I’m dying to make a 3rd mech , 4th mech would be roadkill!

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Now whom are you referring to?

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that all players will leave this game,
and new players, will see it completely indifferent.
the result will be, in the game to remain 100 - 200 crazy players around the world …
that they too will leave !!
the game needs changes !!!

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insert Another one meme for me someone

I want add option where some frantic jay guy deals on you about 1 dmg 2 times in a row then game start play goregrind metal and next moment my replser do 700+ dmg to him. :smiling_imp:

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Everything you said is true. But about Liran and Alexander, perhaps they left because they had other better horizons. I don’t know if Alexander makes more money at GatoGames, maybe yes or maybe not. The truth is that it seems to me that GatoGames is healthier than Tacticsoft. Sometimes it isn´t a matter of money, is a matter of well-being. They say that every man or woman has a price, but the peace of doing the right thing is also priceless.

Liran and Alexander were too good for the Tacticsoft mediocrity.

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