The Mix and Match Mass Heating Ultimate Guide!


Thats one of the main reasons I created this.
Yes, I made this to help new players put together a nice mass heat mech, but I also wanted to help inspire some new heat builds. There are very few mass heating builds in the top 10, and I wanted to see if eventually we can get some there.


You’re right about the need to make every move right when you’re mass heater!
That may be why I like it so much!
I shouldn’t win against a well played physical…

I’m addicted to the “shutdown” word on my screen! I already though about changing my name to it lol… ( alcool speaking now lol)…

Anyway, yes heat may be the hardest to play but it’s also the most satisfying!


Once a shutdown a guy 4 times in a row, I swear to god I was in heaven


I’ve already shotdowned en entire second mech :wink:

It is a drug


I personally love getting people below 50 cooling. It’s almost as good as getting a platinum plate :wink: