The Mix and Match Mass Heating Ultimate Guide!


This is the Mix and Match Mass Heating Guide!

The way this works is you will go down each section and choose items for your mech. Each item has weight and a description provided. After you go through all the sections, add up your weight. Once you make the 1000 kg limit, you can get out to building it!

NOTE: Some of the items here are premium items, which are very rare. I suggest not adding these items to your build plan unless you already have them. Otherwise you will delay your progress by waiting for something you may never get.

TORSO: Choose 1 item

Zarkares: (362 kg) This torso is great for a mass heater that targets one or two things specifically. For example, you can make one that is anti heat and physical, but not energy. It is usually for a 3-4 weapon build. It has higher health, so only 1 hp plate is usually needed, unless you are using 3 weapons. However, 3 weapons on a mass heater is rare, so usually the reason you choose this torso is to free more module space for energy and heat engines. Also, it has a higher heat than the other available torso, windigo. However, watch out for that low energy…

Windigo: (345 kg) This torso is a nice, versatile build, which is great for mass heaters. It can be used to fight all three types of mechs, but it may not be as strong as the zarkares in specific counter builds. Recommended modules for this torso are usually 2 hp plates, and the rest heat and energy modules. However, for an energy free mass heater, 3 hp plates are possible due to the good weight.

Nightmare: (315 kg) This torso is very low weight, but bad stats. So, if you have 2 platinum platings, this is the torso for you. Put on 2 platinums, 3 energy engines, 3 heat engines, and then put up to 5 weapons!

LEGS: Choose 1 item.

Rolling Beasts (134 kg) All though these are physical legs, these are one of the best for mass heaters. I use them myself! They can move 3 spaces, allowing you to get that extra edge in any battle. Grappled to 1 range and can no longer turn him into Molten Mech? Just roll out and keep going!

Devouring Paws (121) Low weight, high damage, awesome looking. If you need that extra slack on your weight, but want to keep some heat damage, these are for you! Just remember that they have lower hp than the physical legs.

Iron Boots (138 kg) Need some hp? Heat legs not giving enough health? Cant seem to get those rolling beasts? No need to fear, Iron boots are here! They have nice damage, and nice hp. Unfortunately, they do not do heat damage, so thats a loss.

WEAPONS: Choose up to 5 items. (never use 6 items)

Savagery(55 kg) A hallmark of mass heating, gives you that great range boost. Pairs amazing with corrupt light!

Vandal Rage(41 kg) The ultimate cooling destroyer! Also energy free. This is a great weapon if you have an Murmur drone. Goes great with a corrupt light or savagery. Dual vandal rage is also a nice thing. However, you will want a push weapon…

Terrorblade(55 kg) Despite this being a damage heat, this can be great for mass heating! It damages heat cap, does some decent heat damage, and most importantly, pushes! Combine this with a sorrow and you have some nice range 1-2 insurance…combine with abomination and you can push into corrupt light range easily while dealing great damage and heat!

Crimson Rapture( 58 kg) The highest heating weapon of the game. Sure to keep the physicals away. This goes great with a corrupt light and savagery build, as they will not want to get in range of the crimson, but you have your trusty mass heater weapons to hit them at all other ranges. Combine with sorrow and close range mechs better say goodbye.

Reckoning (89 kg) This is also a damage heat, but it works great because it pushes into range 2 and 3. Combine with corrupt light for a nice push and heat; Combine with sorrow for some energy free fun!

Abomination (70) Once again a damage heat weapon, but its the only 2-4 pusher for heat. Sadly, it is premium. But if you have it, and don’t want to build damage heat, use it! It works great with corrupt light or magma blast…

Magma Blast (57 kg) While only 1 use, it has -max cooling damage, is a 2-4 range pusher, and does -30 max heat. If you have any heating weapons at 1-2 range, or 2-4, start heating your oppenent up, and when they are close to heat cap, use this weapon, and push them into corrupt light range! They will overheat, and then you can do it over and over and over again…

Sorrow (71 kg) one of the most underrated heat weapons. It is energy free, and does pretty much the same heat damage as the savagery and corrupt light except less heat cap damage. Combine with crimson rapture at 2 range and your opponent is sure to quit. If you dont want a dual corrupt light then this is for your range 3 needs! Also helps against those pesky energy mechs at range 2…

Corrupt light (55 kg) The most essential mass heating weapon. Great heat damage, great range, goes great with savagery, goes great with sorrow, abomination, magma blast, crimson rapture, vandal rage, and pretty much everything. A must have for your mech, and its rare to mythical!

DRONES: Choose 1 item

Clash (45 kg) This drone is a damage drone, but it is very useful. Mass heater weapons do not do that much damage, but the clash can help with that. Do more damage every turn with this drone.

Nemo (45 kg) The staple mass heating drone. It removes max heat cap by 12! Works magic with a dual corrupt light or anything else of the sort. Add that extra 12 heat cap damage per turn to bring that mechs heat down so low he cant even fire a weapon without overheat!

Murmur (45 kg) A premium drone, but oh so good. It subtracts 7 cooling per hit! This adds up very fast. Works amazing with vandal rage, and magma blast. Pair all three together, add a corrupt light and something in range 1, and you will shut them down with a blow dryer.

Swoop (24 kg) This is another premium drone, and while much less widely used than other drones, it has been shown to work magic in the arena. This drone is not energy free, and does less damage than other heat drones. However, it is lighter, and does more heating. It also gets rid of resistance like the clash, so you can increase your weapon damage while getting your opponent closer to shut down! This should only be used in high energy heat mechs, or mechs that will not be used against energy.

SPECIAL ITEMS: Choose up to 3 items.

Teleport: (11 kg) All mass heaters should use this. A dual annihilation corners you and you cant over heat him into oblivion? No problem! Teleport out and continue the fight!

Charge (20 kg) This should only be used if you have a crimson rapture and you are not afraid of physical mechs. With a crimson, this energy free utility can give you that mobility boost you need.

Grappling hook (17kg) While many mass heaters tend to stray away from close ranges, the hook is a great asset for mechs with a crimson rapture. Also, it is energy free, so if you are energy broken, just use this and stomp to finish off the fight.

MODULES: Choose 1 package

This one is a little different from the other sections. Instead of picking everything individually, 4 module set ups with the total weight will be supplied. However, these will only include engines and iron plates, as boosters should never be used as a mass heater, platinums are too rare, and storage modules are too rare.

All around set up (230 kg) This package includes: 2 Iron plates, 3 heat engines, and 3 energy engines. If using with windigo, you will have good heater hp, good heat and good energy. If using with zarkares, you will have great heater hp, good heat and good energy. However, this may seem automatically better than windigo, but remember, with zark, its harder to make weight!

High heat set-up (230 kg) This package includes: 2 iron plates, 4 heat engines, 2 energy engines. This setup gives the same health as the all around, but gives 600+ heat and 250+ cooling. The energy will be below average however, so only use this is you are energy free, or are making a mech that will not be fighting energies. Great for anti heat counters.

High energy set up (230 kg) This package includes: 2 iron plates, 2 heat engines, 4 energy engines. This has the same health as the other two, but lower heat and higher energy. This is recommended for countering energy, as other heat mechs will overheat you quicker. The energy will be 500+ cap and 200+ regen.

High hp set up (245 kg) This package includes: 3 iron plates, and alternating between 2 and 3 heat engines, and 2 and 3 energy engines. This gives you great hp, with almost 1900 as windigo and over 2000 with zarkares. The heat or energy will be good or slightly below average depending on what variation you choose. This is mainly for countering physicals.

Now, have you chosen your items? If so, calculate the weight. So you dont have to get up for a calculator, just look one up online.
Did you make weight?

NO: First, see if you can remove a useless utility. If you still cant make weight after that, you may have to choose a different module set up, or try a different torso and weapon set-up

YES: Great! Set out to building this mech, and see you in the arena! Dont forget to post the build here!

Hi im new here but am pro
Back in the game!

Geez. I didn’t know Yeet was cabable of so much calm and real writing + the patience to do it

Well Done


You forgot the hook


@Yeet, my man, thanks for that.
If you dont mind, lets ask @Rovolution insights on this. He is probably the most experienced boiler around; aint using plat plates but is regularly top 15. Plus great guy.

Mass heater suggestions?

No Brutality?

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When I’m a physical, the best thing I see is a mass heater. No matter how hard they try, as long as they have no magma blasts, they can’t match my cooling and damage.

Here’s a tip for all you mass heaters below rank 3:
Drop it. Use physical or energy.


is this real?


Awesome post! Good advice all around :grin: I also love how you describe my mech in the section about the murmur :laughing: Dunno if you skipped the grapple hook on purpose - I personally use it to fairly good effect on my heater, though it is legendary+… so that’s a thing. I also use boosters 'cuz of weight, and it works all right, just saying :wink: Anyways, good job and thank you!


Brutality is useless.


This is incorrect.


The reason I didnt include grapple is because in a mass heater I thought about it and there is no reason to be in range 1


It retains some use. It’s the most balanced torso there is and lighter than Windigo. Although it’s not strong for ALL builds, it is extremely good for some other builds (eg. Mass heaters w/ heavier equipment; Bulldoges build)

Also, where is Swoop for the drones? Although it is generally bad, it is an absolute nightmare to face on the right build; it’s even seeing some popularity on some top ranks mechs whether it requires energy or not. The first ever non-premium heater in ranks 5-2 that beat me beat me with Swoop.

And about hooks, they are pretty useful for mass heaters w/ melee weapons; more so then a charge as they are even lighter and deal heat damage.


That’s definitely true in most cases. Grapple’s really only useful for premium builds with crimson rapture or reckoning. Just thought I’d put it out there.


It is 4 kilograms lighter than windigo,with only 40 more hp. However, windigo has 30 more cooling20 better heat cap around and better energy.

That would be a damage heat, as mass heaters with a terrorblade is for push into range 2


I use melee as a broad term to categorize flamethrowers, blades, and legs.

As for Brutality, it’s better than Windigo in certain situations, as mentioned in my above post. A little extra regen is useless on an energy-less mass heater.

Nice topic, btw.


If anybody used this thread to make a build, post it here! Id love to see what you chose!


Good thread but saying hook is useless to a mass heater is a crime!
First to be called a mass heater you got to have a rapture…
Anybody with an once of reason will respect the fact that they can’t overheat while attacking you because a good mass heater will hook it and burn the hell out of it with his rapture…

A mass heater starts with a hook and rapture… less than that and your not scaring anybody with 200+ cooling…
And can’t be call a mass heater in my book…

P.s. swoop is indeed an underrated item like sorrow :wink:


Flaming Grappling Hook was always a key item for me to finish off opponents as a heat mech. I would say one of the most essential components for a heat build. It saved my life more times than I can count. I have 2 maxed myth ones that I sadly don’t use anymore.

I miss playing heat, but I’m afraid it’s time has come and gone. The few times I lost to you as a physical, was when I got too trigger happy. Even with shit cooling/heat, heat builds don’t have a prayer against physicals anymore. No disrespect pal, but that has been my experience lately. Not saying you won’t win, but you have to have the right strategies and start range every time. One wrong move and you’re dead. Just too much effort for the return.

Heat is completely neglected in this game, and most players have mass cooling/heat. The shutdown mechanism is too hard to achieve.


For me the final blow is a savagery or a misslie weapom


Alright, Im adding Swoop and hook to the thing.
Thanks for your input, you are by far the best heater to be in the game.