The misunderstanding of the portal drop rate increase


There is no drop rate increase.

If you can read this properly, Sarah clearly says that “portals (gold and item) have always given you lots of free gold, tokens, as well as higher drop rates of legendaries”

For you illiterate people who rushed past this and just assumed, let me clear it out:

Portals have always had higher drop rates than other missions. Nothing about INCREASING the drop rate was mentioned.

I also see many people complain about the drop rates being absolute trash. But honestly, it depends on each player. Complaining won’t do anything.

You may get 1 legendary per 5 refills while another player may get 3 legs in 1 refill.

It just… varies between players. Your next portal might be an absolute legendary mine or not.

New Drone - Flame Wave!

Yep, now with this nice nerf, whatever , the portals don’t drop nothing useful, yay…


For you, in this case. Many other players have good drop rates


Bad rng probably…


I had good luck in some portals and bad in others . I also play about 500 tokens or more worth of fill ups . I did not get the drone today . I actually grew tired of the self inflicted slavery of grinding . The increase wasn’t a welcomed change but I did get a lot of purples and blues and even a couple of legendaries .


I don’t know what to say about this RNG thing; my past five portals have been bad.


21 Refills and I only got 2 L-M items (Swoop & Flaming Scope)… 0 about the new drone, Food buckets of Epics & Rare items…


It’s like you say “Stop complaining because it’s not my fault, blame on your account.”




I mean, there’s probably nothing better to spend fuel on than portal events, but I don’t know if they’re worth tokens like they used to be.


Portal events were fun because there was a chance of getting something you have wanted for months. Now, you are simply lucky to just get the item the portal is for.

I’m not sure what is fun anymore. Portals were literally the last thing I really enjoyed and now the time investment necessary has become too great for me. So much so that item portals are pointless now for me to spend tokens on. I just don’t have the time to farm it for the same rewards as they used to be.

Buy Prem Boxes? Worst investment ever. They change the drop rates of both boxes and portals so much who would be fool enough to buy boxes before finding out if they have nerfed them this time around?

Isn’t that sad? I literally have to check these message boards to find out how Tacticsoft screwed with drop rates every time around.


Numbers don’t lie.
Random is random yes, but they do control the chance to get legends and epics within that range, and that is what they have been messing around with. So you do get less for your effort, and i mean everyone, even tho some are more lucky than others.


One thing I genuinely think would improve the perception of portals and their value is if the chance of “getting no box whatsoever” were reduced dramatically, or even set to zero. Spending 12 fuel and getting 2 rares is a heck of a lot better than spending 12 fuel and getting nothing. Just having a big stack of boxes to open when you’re done makes you feel better than if you had a small pile of boxes.

Spending 90 tokens and having 18 boxes to open is vastly more satisfying than spending 90 fuel and having 8 to open.


@PossibleCabbage man, i got more than 5 portals with not even one box… this make me really sad with this game…


How many refills for this portal?


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There’s no choice


I think free stuff is good . Some portals I don’t have the energy to grind . Some I have put 7-800 tokens down and it works out to a legend per 100 tokens . Now with the fuel decrease and cost increase it is hard to get jazzed about it but it’s still free . Better than paying for this game that is for sure .