The mineing token claiming system is broken


:stuck_out_tongue: its says theres allways 0 tokens to collect


No why did you do it


do what .p. :neutral_face:


i know this is a joke btw for money or something :neutral_face:


The mining you know you are taking a lot of risks do it


it doesn’t actually work if you didn’t know :laughing:


Exacitally that’s what @Winz_Kay ment


i saw that post its just a little scam to slow down your pc cause tactic is to greedy to give out tokens for free


and that’s a fact :stuck_out_tongue:only thing you will get tokens from is buying them raids clan stuff and campaign


That’s true and don’t forget the daily missions


and achievements :frowning_face:


ever since the legacy update things have gone down hill from there


I think @Transcendant hates me now


what makes you say that :thinking:


Yah but it was for the sake of the game


to make a good game bad? :frowning_face:


This You’re literally posting about shit we’ve all known for a long time now. Please stop embarrassing yourself and just have this topic closed.
I honestly want this child banned. This is seriously annoying.

Please stop tagging me. I’m honestly going to get a migraine dealing with this bullshit.

Winz, you have patience for this. Handle it please. Because I blow my brains out.

Hi also sent me a private message to basically shut up


things have been alot more unbalanced since bullets and rockets were removed


Oh yah I guess so it has been crazy


now the way it is you can fire away with out a care in the world