The mighty GODZILLA retiring from super mechs very soon


hello everyone i have something to tell alot of u, i will soon be leaving super mechs for good 8 years of playing this game is making me bored alot, i just watned to say when i retire im going to miss every single one of u espically my top player friends and my closer friends, the big lizard is getting to old to run lol, but i thought all of u should know that my reign of terror n destruciton in super mechs will be over soon…it hurts me saying this cause i might cry from missing all of u good people including my closest friends on the day i retire i will make anotehr post about it, i want everyone to remember me and maybe try to help me geta medal before i retire thank u for listening everyone ima miss yall when i retire have a great day eevryone


I highly wonder who these people are…


if u want me to name some names then i can it doesnt matter


Also can you explain this to me?


i understand hhmm; godzilla is retiring ; may be you are planning for a comeback as galactus/tyrannocerous etc


Pics Or It will not happen :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


It appeared in 2012 and I am playing since december 2012 , Register in June 2013


I remember it being around for almost 8 years , it was previously a mini game in Battledawn known as Battlemech , not sure about the name , but pretty sure i remember playing it as a mini game on battledawn.

Nvm , found the link while writing this post. :smiley:


That’s called BattleMechs not SuperMechs


Battlemech is the ape and supermech is the human , no ape no human




actually it is budy theres the beta versiona nd battle mechs before it was named super mechs look it up kid


Poor zilla he is old… and will die soon. U will be remembered </3


Best topic ever


If u lay eggs before u die can i raise the hatchlings?


Who is ur age?


read my profile it tells u my age


yes dead inside u can indeed


I will take good care of the babies.


En paz descanse godzilla, salve godzilla