The match making system of SM is 100% fair and balanced[With proof screenshot]


Not just that its fair and balanced but it also bring players challenging battles , making the gameplay experience even more interesting and filled with excite ment as every player have to manage their attacks and resources to claim their victory ! like the example below

This game is getting even more exciting thanks to the supermechs development team , keep up the good work !


They are working on it mate. Even made a pm with some experienced players to collect ideas and feedbacks.
To be rolled out soon.

As for that guys, hes a notorious smurf, all his clan is…


This is a shame.

And if the developers are working to solve this, I have no knowledge. So far nothing has been said that they are working to solve smurfing.

I’m also part of the pm group and it’s not the smurfing that they want to solve.

These “Smurfs” are players who cannot, no matter how hard they try,to compete with rank 1 players and therefore prefer to do smurfing on lower ranks.

They are somewhat dishonest? Of course! Not all players would do this. The majority ends leaving the game, they don´t go out to do smurf. But this problem is generated by the proliferation of OP items that are not available or accessible to everyone. If you are a paying player you can get good items faster. If you don´t pay, when you get 1 of these items, payers already have 10. I see little solution on the current system, because the game obviously needs players to payin order to continue and if developers don´t put a carrot in front ( what are the OP items), nobody would buy anything.

You can penalize the Smurfs in some way and what you would get, would be to kick them from the game. But they would be continually kicking players.

One thing … never allow any system to face poor against poor !


You can’t do anything against :exclamation:

It is a G A M E, not a sport World Championship :exclamation:

Players can play as they want, it is not against any rules to lose on purpose :exclamation:

Just some facts, if you like it or not :exclamation:



Yes and no. There’s no rule against it, but it’s inconsiderate to other players and just a low move overall - at least in my opinion.


How about … I forgot sorry😅



I’ve faced that damn smurf before, I hate it.


It is one thing to lose on purpose, OR to …

… to show the deepest disrespect to former clan-members, who HELPED a LOT to grow the Clan, and mock in a battle at highest possible LEVEL (exploit the wrong mech row)

No need to try to mix these 2 different things up, only because it would make look yourself better :exclamation:




Nobody’s saying it’s against the rules.

The problem with smurfs is that it makes advancement of lower ranked players more difficult. Put yourself in that perspective: is it really fun to fight against someone who you know will defeat you without a doubt?

That’s the key purpose of power systems and rankings, to make sure lower ranked players don’t match up against higher ranked players and vice versa.

When higher ranked players do not respect this, it makes the game harder for lower ranks. Something has to be done.

As the saying goes (and closely ties to the issue of smurfing), “Pick on someone your own size”.


Yes I agree, but it is about to blame the system for allowing it to do, not the players using / doing it :exclamation:

Pretty same as some players in Top10 not playing the last day, because of the current system :exclamation:

The system is to blame, not the players :exclamation:

But yes, it also does not mean that the players who do it, that their doings is good :exclamation:



the sarcasm is briliant.


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thank you thank you all