The Lust king is back from Vaca

Im back from Kansas feel free to ask what have i don in Kansas, i have lots to tell you.

What did you do in Kansas?

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Well i met some family members, Stayed in Salina in a hotel, Got to actually shoot a rifle, and blow up Tanerite. Injured my left side of my body like a boss :sunglasses:, Stayed at my cousins house at Topeka, and had 4 BBQ non-stop for 4 days.

Welcome back! As I am writing this, me, @Darkstare , and @Fyrestare are actually taking a vacation to Oklahoma.


ahh Topeka! thats where I spent last 4th of July (2019)

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Correction, its goes, “DarkStare, Fyrestare, and I.”
Thanks for the Welcome though

I got pummeled by my Cousin’s huge Hound dog , when i tried to outrun it, in their large lawn

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Is the Hound Dog called Elvis?

the hound name Athena, she is Huge!

Nobody likes a grammar na zi, especially when someone is being as polite as @Dragonslayer is. Glad you had a good vacation but don’t be an ■■■■■■■ to people as soon as you get back.


Lol didnt know i was being a Dick, i had too much fun to even realize what i was doing,

and if you going to say that, i might as well be Fryzs.

and you dont control how i talk, thank you :stuck_out_tongue::slight_smile::rofl:

It’s Frysz

It’s ironic how you were trying to control how dragon slayer was talking but you can still say that to me smh

Gay robot…

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This text will be blurred

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indeed, he wants to go unnoticed and always ends the same.

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i never said Dragon slayer should say that , i corrected him, but sure, i guess…

also you expected me to remember this guy’s gay ass name?

I mean if you reference someone, at least get it right. His name is all over forums lmao. And don’t worry I’m not telling you you have to spell it that way, it’s just a suggestion :wink:

yeah… I dont really care about how the name is pronounced, at least it makes me look like im disrespecting him :stuck_out_tongue: