The life-tale of a free 2 play

@Nagibator you are very lucky for the drop because im free to play too and i dont have 2 valiant snipers and one bunker shell.

How can someone play 10-12h a day SM

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That’s funny as hell …

Seems many still believe in fairy tales :exclamation:

Santa Claus (coming soon), Easter Bunny, etc. … all is true about them :grey_exclamation:



the difference is he admittedly players over 10 hours a day and you guys probably do the daily rewards and then call it a day. unless you can honestly tell me you dudes also play 10 hours a day?

9/11 was an inside job

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I dont play 10h a day because I have life and work hard. but I play 1 or 2 hours per day

then don’t expect to get as much stuff.

You need to be very lucky in order to get a good stuff because when I get one legendary, it always a food

and I’m sure if you play 10h a day you get plenty of junk too.

I sometimes play 6-8 hrs, not all at once the longest was 12hrs 3- 4hr spans. I’m retired so I have the time.:grinning:

I think I’ve found between 10 and 15 legendaries since the update.

2 I use, 1 would be good if I was a different mech type and the rest are junk.

I’ve been really active on this game too. I’d hate to think the amount of time/money that would need to go into those mechs that have 5+ important legendary-only items. It seems like it would take a ridiculous amount of money and grinding to get, say, 2 plates, a mythical resistance module and 2-5 legendary-only weapons. Crazy.

i though @El_Metre was easter bunny on forums

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i cant even give u a number to calculate its luck
with the constantly drop% change if thats true then its the luckier situation i ever heard
btw even with 125 fuel how did u play more than 5 hrs per day?
i mean im on vacations and dedicate more than 3 hours feels like a joke