The Legion Idea (maybe)

i was thinking of making a clan to welcome everyone and anyone in with open arms, i have no intentions of trying to make it a top clan because that would mean i would not be able to welcome people, i want to be able to help new players learn the game, and make friends with old players that i have not came across. (let ya boi know ur ideas) :ok_hand: :joy::ok_hand:


Will this clan offer hotdogs


this clan offers everything, but its still an idea tho i dont want it to be a lost cause

That’s a serious question

Holly Molly… Is this clan going to offer Molly, too? :smiley:

"this clan offers everything " including a discord too


Hello!! I’ve always had an idea in my head …

Most clans when recruit people, they look for ready-made people. But … what if instead of recruiting people already made, the leader will take 2 or 3 players who have just started and were training them?

After those 2 or 3 players could train 2 or 3 more and so …

You would not see the results right away, but over time you could form a clan so strong and united that with time it was invincible. They would learn to love the clan and play as a team, which is the most important thing.

The fundamental requirement is that you know how to choose the right people.

And the risk you could have is that once they learn to play, they’ll go to another clan. It will depend on the leader’s ability to keep the clan together and scare off intruders.

Once I tolk it to someone and answer was “that would take time”. People want quick results, but what comes fast, fast also leaves.


That is really a great idea !!!


Simular to the BDA (I think it is called this way) in BattleDawn !

Suggestion :

@Sarah247 @Elcent @Malicewolf @Alexander

Maybe it is possible to pin that clan - the Helping-New-Players-Clan (!), so all new players can see it in the Top-Clan list !



Great idea, I will join that clan. Hi all :slight_smile:


Very good ideea! Hmm i thing a "adopt a newb topic " should be made for SM.
And since we have so many request on builds and on advices lately, i think it is needed.


Keep in mind as i said earlier i want to know how many people join so that i know that this idea is not a lost cause so if u want to join plz reply to this message so that i may see how many people like the idea and see how many people would support it

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That is an amazing idea I would for sure join this clan if I would be accepted

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Last Bastion was funded with that idea but it wasnt efective because everyone who doesnt have a clan generally looks for being at top clans even if theyre lvl15
if u want to join us were a fun clan or at least we was im recruiting newbies since i comeback but i need players with more experience than me
so if anyone is interested can join us
im generally online like 2 hours after the time of this repply

go to clan recruitment for that

i was just telling him how was for me and saying i already have a clan with that idea ¬¬

so what exactly was this then??

what 2 birds with 1 shot dude xD or u want me to make like 8 post and spam every section of SM forum

but u didn’t need to post that part in the first place -_-

its a comment .-. i dont make a whole post on the wrong place i think were spamming more than my comment u know