The Legion (for newbs) HAS BEEN CREATED

i made an extremely grave sacrifice leaving a clan that i didnt want to leave to help the new players learn

i need 3 mentors to teach the younglings while i am inactive any volunteers?

let this be the start of something amazing
(everyone is welcome)


hey i think i can join do you need me?

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yes i think you should join the clan

quick question tho are u a top rank player?

probs i haven’t checked in a while my other accounts that i got bored of have at least 30 1st place medals

come online

are u ok with being a mentor?

go to global chat, i lost my top ranking :frowning:

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Hi! First of all, I congrats you by attitude and good disposition.

I will not abandon my clan, to which I have great affection and with which I feel committed.

However, for whatever you need, as far as I can help, count on me. If you need me to help you with anyone of new players, whatever, leave me a PM here and I’ll gladly assist you.


thank you for your support, i understand that u wont leave your clan and just to have The Legion supported by top rank/popular players like you is a great thing considering the fact that if we are going to teach the new ones we need to get this clan known way more so the new ones have something to look to in hard/confusing times of their careers. whether it be hope, they want to learn, or they just want to feel welcomed.


oh sorrhy cant until next wednesday

I can’t leave my clan… but I try my best to help out new players in global chat.

@Rage !

Great amazing start of something great - to H E L P all NEW players of SuperMechs, who need help !

You had not only this great idea, you also did it in within few hours and the idea becomes true !

Well done, well done !


Maybe @Sarah247 and / or @Mohadib can support you @Rage with some “goodies” for the new players or they just support this idea …

… to help your Clan “The Legion (for news)”, the get the attention, which it deserve !

A great thing would be, if @Elcent or @Malicewolf could pin this thread in “Clan Recruitment” !

Would be the 3rd (after your idea and creating this Clan) step in a great direction !


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I could join; problem is, that I am actually really inactive…

You could be a spiritual mentor. Using your telepath(et)ic abilities, you could comunicate with monkeys, and teach them the dark side of using the bananna force. You would rule supreme over the Dead Sea creatures, and win the war against the Crab King of the Jungle.
Now joke aside, @Rage, bro if you need help, advices, learning plans, organizer, or a deeper tutorial about the game, pm me and we sort things out.


Pm me . I am willing to help mentor .

wuts ur in game name



se77en Bye tu charge tar stupid 20 limit

come online and depending on ur rank or if u have medals i will see if u can be a mentor

i say rank or medals because usually the top rank players are the wisest… usually

While I am in support of clans like this and happy to pin as this is the first (that I know of) Clan that is aimed as just helping people I will pin it for just a week as It would be unfair to pin this clan recruitment over other clans for an extended duration.