The league reset

Resetting people’s league rank was a great idea now the people that are barely able to keep rank 1 will be lower ranked and they won’t have to worry about being matched with top players now.
What do you guys think?


yep it’s great but the league prizes are kinda low. 100k gold and 3 epics for beeing rank 1 :confused:
( actually no… i was just unlucky )


I actually really like it. I’m having lots of good games now.

Before I was floating around rank 100 and half my matches were against the same people from the top 20 over and over and over. Now I’m playing vs a bunch of people I’ve never seen before but who could easily be top 100… it’s fun again :slight_smile:

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I got 100,000 SM Coins, then the screen bugged out.

The only complaint I have is it takes forever to get a match even with over 300 people in lobby it takes me several minutes to get a match.


Hi Toxic !


That will be exactly the problem !

We had that already once - the reset from the player rank.

Result :

Liran had to change it back in a few days, because - attention logic - through this reset the players (which are anyways less at same time online) splitted in their player-rank category for matchmaking !
It was nearly not possible to get opponents, made the game unplayable !

I wonder, why they do exactly the same “mistake” (I know, it was/is a nice try to improve the game) twice !?


I hope tactitsoft take this as great help - and not as complaining !
Sometimes (or often if they would listen to me) my experience in this game could help a LOT !

They will see next days that I am right about the matchmaking-thing-problem.

And if they ask Liran - no clue if he still works there - he sure can remember about that problem and that they had to change it back !


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You have to wait soooo long to just get the same opponent.

No, it does not work like that.

I am 3 and Rising is 1. He and me should not face each other…

As a corollary I should say that since last night it seems that the only player in the game is Rising, because he comes out to me in 1x1, in 2x2 … if they are doing this to encourage me to put more money in the game, they failed. I’m not emotionally too bad to invest thousands of $ on a game just to beat Rising.

Really, pointing to other way. With me it does not work.

Yes it does work like that, as you self described now !
Dont try to talk always against - no matter what !

In this systen its different, as you self noticed, otherwise you would never (close to) find a match !
But that little difference does not make it to the good.

This problem that …

  • let you wait many minutes to find a opponent

  • let you find the same opponent most of the time

  • let you find players with even a huger gap about the power

… will always exist the first 2 - 3 days of the weekly tournament !

Until most of the players reached black skull status again !

As said …

WE had that all once in the past, and they had to change it back, because of the mentioned reasons !


P.S.: do you really think they changed it only for you ??? that makes me laugh, they make changes for them, “against” all players, not only for you, you arent that important !


I’ve just posted something into quitters thread, but I feel it kinda fits here too, so:

I never quitted a match till now, even when it was clear I was going to lose.

Now that our rank are resetted and I’m paired vs Rank1 players (I was Rank3 before the reset) from Top5 clans I feel like quitting is an option.
I can do nothing vs 1600+ hp 400 heat/energy 200 cooldown/regen mecha, I won’t try 'em nor I am that masochist to watch my mecha getting wrecked like an ant under a magnifier wasting my time in the meanwhile.
One of those player just laughed at me saying “let’s see how your cooldown is” before spraying a double mythical corrupt light at me. So thanks, but no thanks.

Note that I’m not complaining about any weapon or about me being weaker than others, that’s pretty normal. I’m just saying that matchmaking is kinda broken right now since it seems it only takes into account our rank. But it’s a nonsense if I’m paired vs people with double my cooldown and 50% more heat and hp (which means 150 heat 500 hp more than me). There was a reason if I was Rank3 and they were Rank1.


The reason it’s taking you guys so long to get a match right now is that not that many players have had time to get back to rank 1. That’s also the reason you play vs other top players more; they’re not maliciously matching you vs Rising because they think you’ll pay more money.

Give it a few days and it’ll be back to how it was.

In the meantime, it’s better for all the players who weren’t in the top 20. Right now I’m getting tons of matches vs 1500-1700 HP mechs with half legendary and half mythical. It’s made for a lot of really good games. Rather than one player quitting in half my games, it’s now almost always close.

I get that it’s frustrating if you’re a top 10 player and can’t find games as quickly, but it’s certainly been nice for everyone else not to have 50% of their games vs Rico, Hamza, Rising, etc.when their mech is mostly legendary.

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Read my post above. It’s fun for someone, not for everyone else who wasn’t top 20. It’s probably fun for Rank1 players, expecially the ones who were at the bottom of their ladder. Lower rank players are pretty screwed with this matchmaking.

It’s just because the top players haven’t moved up yet. There’s still some 2000 HP mechs at rank 5.

I get that that’s frustrating for people who are naturally rank 3-5, but it’ll all even out in a few days anyway.

But yes, for now, I guess you’re right. Anyone who was out of range of being matched with top players before (say, not top 1000) is going to have a rougher time.

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I just hope combat floor will even quickly (even if 2/3 days out of 7 are not so few if you are stuck at Rank6 in the meanwhile). As I said to Metre in the other thread, I get that it will probably be better in some days, I just got really pissed when I came across the “I-will-make-fun-of-you-while-I-kill-you” one >.<

I think that droping rank 1s at rank 6 is a bit harsh…they have to paddle more get back… and that seems a bit frustrating to some, depends on each individual. I dont want to excuse the behaivior of players and their not so nice reactions( making fun, beeing condescending or arrogant, i encourage the principal of beeing gracefull in victory and humble in defeat, fairplay, and friendly and positive atittude and behaivior), i just try to say that you have to show you are the bigger man, the better man, and show how he should behave.
It does take a bit of time for them to get back up to where they were, and they are a bit bitter about it.
They will get used to the ideea and i hope their atittude will improve.


Did your rank not also go down? I Imagined everyone’s did.

Sure, from Rank3 to Rank7, then I climbed up to Rank6 and a half, and then I started getting mechs way stronger than mine (like I said above) so I’m kinda stuck and a little bit salty about this matchmaking.
Dunno why, but some people with those stats started at Rank6 too (or they have been pushed down) and so I had to face pretty unbalanced fight.

Something is wrong, this should not have happened:

me: 3 he: 1… understand??? me: Tarzan you: Jane

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If I am guided by this picture, it´s assumed that 1 faces only 1.

Now I am in 2, so my opponents should be between 2 and 5.

What is going to happen with this, is that since all 1 get same prize, once you get to 1 then you stop playing. I have 3 battles left to get to 1. Once I arrive, stop. Maybe and to break the vice just play 2 more battles in the rest of week.

The picture is for the rewards, not matching. If rank 1 couldn’t match with rank 2, the first few people to hit rank 1 would find it impossible to get a game.