The last resort! Developers interaction thread!

My opinion has been brought

Did you ever notice the mousover-text of the ‘Ideas & Features’-Forum?

“We are always listening!”


listen is a different thing than read


Congratulations to your insight.

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Listening is only half of the communication…

My wife might like it if I only listen without arguing… but it’s another story…

We as a community would like feedbacks from @Tactisoft!

They get money out of our pockets for a game they barely keep alive… it wouldn’t cost them much to at least say something once every week… at the very least…


im one of them, do (((you))) find a coincidence?

86 votes!!! It says a lot!

Keep voting!

And again… for the developers that might read this… this topic is a peaceful and polite attempt to make you realize that your community wants to hear more from you! We share a passion for a small mobile game and the passion is fading away because it doesn’t feel reciprocal …


I don’t believe… it is unnatural. How the wife can like the man who doesn’t try to be defended and to argue? Such marriages are doomed to a fiasco. It is as boxing where one opponent evades fight.


Haha I’ve got to be disciplined and stay on topic but I’ll only say that I wrote that she « might » like it since I do always argue :wink:


Keeping this thread up, dont mind me.

GG big D.


Can you show me that though. Anyway, even if that is true it isn’t a good reason. IQ is in no way related to this discussion, and it doesn’t mean that they are right.

89 votes guys!

The 100 is so close!!!


I was 90th vote . Good post . Hopefully it produces something

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So glad this topic was made. More interaction with devs would really help a lot right now.

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c’mon guys…what do you want ts to communicate with us??
that…we are neglecting the game, we are milking the game, we don’t give a shit about you, and keeping this up as long asd some of the players will keep opening their pockets and will pay us…
that’s what you want them to tell you??
you don’t need their confession…it is self evident based on the state of the game…

the only thing that will move them, if ALL the players will boycott the game for let’s say a week…but
this is impossible, todays society is fragmented, individualism and selfisness took over, there is no unity of any kind anywhere…
unfortunately @L4K3 is right…it is just like Romania…sad reality…

however, there could be one way to force them (TS) to communicate with us…

imo. the top ten clans membership holding up this game financially, because (maybe i am wrong) there is the majority of the p2w players…(no slighting or disrespect intended)
if the top ten clans could persuade their membership to not to play for a week, and not to spend any money on the game for a month, it will make an impact on the game finances, and it will arouse TS’s attention, and it will force them to communicate with us…

i would like to know what the top ten clan’s leadership think about it?



AND SO ON (it let me mention only ten players…)

you top guys could talk this one over among yourselfs and could arrange it…

(btw…i am an ex-top player from pre-reloaded times, so i know what i am talking about…)


Hi. I new here, just joined the forum. I am the 94th voter and I completely agree with what you guys say. Keep up the good work! lets go to 100 :slight_smile:


Not sure why was I tagged on this list Im not a top leader :joy:
But Im supporting as a regular player and member of the community :smiley:


I am with you Pfahly.
However, their business model changed after reload.
I believe that 80% of the generated income comes from kids starting the game and dropping 5 or 10$ here and there and then leave the game after a few months. The rest comming from old and active players.
Thats why they disregard the community and old players feedbacks and requests.


@lordgorgon how do you know what and how?

Business logic and behavioral changes observations over the years.