The L-M Items Portal


Every once in a while , the ts team adds a new item , thus we get an item portal.

But that rarely happens , every couple of months.

So heres what i propose , since most of the good items are Legendary-Mythical , we should have one of them every couple of weeks / once a month.

Basically the portal would go like ‘‘Spartan Carnage’’ portal or ‘‘Bulldog Portal’’ etc.

But the thing would be , once you get the item , the portal dissapears , which means you cant farm the portal and get stacked , you will only get ONE copy of the L-M item , so its fair for everyone.

Hoping to hear your feedback ,


that would be very well should be implemented immediately with the hp legend


Mandatory tag.

@Sarah247 @Mohadib


Good idea. It give balance between f2p and p2w players.


I love this idea please @Sarah247 implement this it is a very good idea and could keep players from quieting.


because it has so few likes, this benefits everyone, let the idea reach the 40 likes to see that it is too good to ignore it


I think this a great idea, maybe it would be possible that whenever the portal goes into action (every month or so) instead of the devs choosing which item the portal focuses on maybe its a random L-M item to make the game more interesting?

This portal would have to be moderatly difficult even on normal mode so matchmaking 17’s dont start getting bunker shells all of a sudden tho


to contribute to the idea the types of portals that could be generated would be something like this:

difficulty bb in hard the normal ---- (possibility of legend as primiun pack
12 energy
difficulty insane bb in hard ------------- [1 insured legend]
20 energy
EXTRA INSANE difficulty for the insane [3 legend insured]
40 energy
only 1 time you can enter after they disappear (that includes if you lose and do not revive)
anything can also contribute to improve


No dude , read the idea.

You get the item , boom , portal gone.


wow… this sounds very fair to everyone, but the portal difficulty would maybe be too much for people with common-epic (maybe even starting legendary) items. but besides that I think this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen so far


Please @Sarah247 see this


yaya i love this idea mythical and legendary items


I would kill to get a Mercy portal right about now.


no you wouldn’t you would kill yourself for a valiant portal right now


Judging on how hard the last portal was on the insane mode and it is ONLY for a rare-myth item , as a full myth energy mech myself with all the E-M energy items at max i cant even beat them , even with revivals , pretty sure the L-M portal difficulty is gonna be even worse and more unbalanced and you would need prem L-M items AND some tokens to revive in the first place to actually play it , its pointless.
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You sound like an harbinger of doom…^^

But we can HOPE devs understood their errors with that portal depending on the feedback in forums AND the datas they got…


good idea man!

But i’m afraid that they will never do that for the simple reason that they want you to spend money for tokens and premium packs.

We all know that this team is not working for players but for making money


Please look into it again , if not already @jonny @Sarah247 @Mohadib


27 Likes :eyes:


Just make a poster of it