The knOYTVIPER bloxed


Guys now knOYTVIPER I giving his new account to me report him


The loser is back.

Whatever you do…

Troll him




Yes I just noticed.
Well. Looks like that loser is about to die out for once.


Saying he had my name first when I was here a lot longer than he was with this name.



Report him to Sarah.

All you need is to scrrenshot his pm and his mech and id.


I reported him to sarah but he still isn’t out of chat.
I sent her his ID too.


Weird…let me ask her again.

Or maybe he made a new acc? lol

@sparsh I need his pic of a mech pls


He din’t give id plus I blocked him



I need you to screenshot his mech.

Not id.



I sended message to Sarah…
I wonder if he is still banned or not.


Like Sarah is gonna ban some guy on the chat lol.

Hey sparsh, either don’t go to chat or just mute him. Hundreds of topics have been made about this person but nothing is done yet


@WMist253 I bocked him yesterday


His id is 9072 :stuck_out_tongue: sreenshot doesn’t work for me