The Item Limit Poll

We need more space.
Because :

  1. 3-6 mechs take up 66-132 space.
  2. It takes 5 epics to make a single legendary.
  3. I takes 25 epics to make a single Myth.
  4. We dont have enough space to take advantage of category fussing.
  5. Perks count towards item limit.
  6. Kits count towards item limit.
    7 . We are stuck into a loophole, that make grinding a huge butacke( grind 2-5 missions), go back to fuse … so you free up space.
    The solution i propose for voteing:
    Make item limit based on lvls, like this:
  7. Under lvl 45: 150 limit.
  8. Lvl 45-70 : 200 limit.
  9. Lvl 70-110 : 250 limit.
  10. Lvl 110-150 : 300 limit.
    What you say?
  • Yes, I like it and we should have it like this.
  • No, I want something else.

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If this pool get a certain number of votes for, we should get this, dont you agree?
@Sarah247, @Mohadib


I also propose the cost of buying more space not increase after every purchase.

Tokens should more or less be for buying Junk premium box.


Yeah I’m in the top percent

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Another alternative would be to not count equipped items as inventory. The current inventory limit then can stand.

Another alternative would be not to count inventory for mech slots 4,5 and 6. I consider it storage since you cannot even feature it.

Not counting equipped items and not increasing inventory space purchase price would be really nice.


Seriously… WTF again - they last time extended the deadline… after the deadline - and claimed another fix. Then they just let the deadline hit again and did nothing at all.

This is such a farce.


All of those are pretty good ideas

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Well if we unite and with this poll we vote for our opinion, i think that the devs, and @Sarah247, will not let us down and see that what we ask is a decent way to get out of this crisiss.


i Imagine seeing your proposal that you are lvl superior 110 right?
I think that the existing advanteges are enough, with that limit no new player would have an opportunity unless he bought the slots. is a good idea although I think you should reevaluate the values (+ slots) your proposal

Actually he’s proposing to lessen the existing limit. I’m at level 40 and I have 115 slots, so 150 would be an improvement.

i am assumeing that at lvl 40-50 most player don’t have 3-6 mechs built.And that they are focused on building 1-2 good ones, so for them there is that 22-66 spare slots that they can use, vs a higher lvl that uses 3-6 mechs.
But as things are now, i am lvl 111, and have 140 slots, 6 mechs built and try to upgrade them…i find myself working with 18 slots…and even lvl-ing up a single epic to turn it to legendary(4slots are ocupied by the epics that you need to sacrifice)… becomes a very dificult task, don’t even wanna think about makeing a mythical(5 legendaries needed)…

your assumptions are wrong


I open a new account and decide to buy 100 open premium boxes because I want to make a pro account

the limit prevents it from doing so logically in the game only by buying space and that is where we realize the logical error of the game

so let me get see if i get your example:

  1. You open an account, lvl 1.
    2.You drop 150 dollars in it, of the bat, and go straight to buying 100 premium boxes…that give 1 epic.
  2. you run out of 150 slots, with 100 items???
    4.You buy space altho you have 50 slots left…because? drop 500 dollars in it, of the bat, and go straight to buying 100 premium pack… that give 5 epic.
  3. you run out of slots after 30 boxes.
    8.You don’t fuse or transform anything.
  4. And you want to build a pro mech, with 2 modules slots?.
  5. You buy slots for?
    Did i get your example right?

you can not see what you have after box 10 because they are stored in boxes without claiming that you can not see what you bought, although you assume that 100 “premium package” boxes will give 1 epic “good sarcasm” even if that is not the exact point.

Again I insist that this game aims to discourage new players to join, what it tells me is that they are betting that the game reaches its end point.

What would be supermechs if the top 100 quit the game?

example (limit lvl 6 is 45items)

Start the item limit with a base of 250 items.

Make it so players gain 10 item slots every multiple of 5 levels. (5,10,15,20)

Level 50 = 350 slots
Level 100 = 450 slots
Level 150 = 550 slots

Each purchase of item slots gives you 10 slots instead of 5.


Forget it people… nothing will change, you should learn it by now
But game lockdown is there - thats the fact…
And… it is ‘poll’ …

come on Ge, have a little faith.
Don’t think @Sarah247, will turn the back on us, bet she is fighting right now with @Mohadib, for the limit to increase.
PS: was 2 o’clock when i whe i made the “pool” , from my phone(incredible small digits)

;D Indeed… faith… Ge ;D
There were tryouts, suggestions earlier… maybe our luck depend on weather conditions in Olimp/Israel… who knows?
Well… ‘turn the back’ part… I almost visualised it… then suddenly I woke up ;D

We will see in the end - buying slots with increasing prices… been there, no thx TS

Please use this thread …

… the poll their is much clearer !

“No, I want something else” can be a lot of results !
A clear “No” or “disagree” is the option needed, to let the poll be fair !

I think this unlucky wording “No, I want something else” made the result of the poll here very distracked !


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