The Iron Frenzy Top weapon


Now… I noticed that this was a better version of the red wrath weapon. Now that I look at it, I can see it might be a good heat legendary weapon, but I am not sure if I should keep it. I got it from the black fortune boxes, and I didn’t know if it is a good weapon. Is it a keeper? 29 PM



(Not my pic, taken from The Mythical MAX thread).

It’s decent I guess, but deso, supreme, scope etc are beyond better. This thing is myth fod in my eyes


Well. I guess I could use it as a way to upgrade my legends…???


Yep, mythical fod mate


It’s basically the top weapon version of dawnblaze.


Damage heaters’ top weapon ^^


Um…it has good stats,but desolation, supreme cannon etc. are even better


Which is why I am using it to transform my Faceshocker into mythical. Its also useless to me since I am an energy mech.


Good decision!If a weapon doesn’t have a use, it’s better to use it as transform material


Its just a top weapon version of the heat ultrabright


yep. Just a top weapon dawnblaze… myth food for sure