The Infinite Hotel Paradox


Do you comprehendo?

Ted-Ed is honestly such a good show with so many intriguing topics. Whenever I see an interesting video on Facebook, I must watch.

@L4K3 Have you heard of this?


i watched this before



I watch Ted Talks on YT, very interesting topics there too…


This video hurts my mind, my undeveloped mind can’t comprehend the knowledge of infinite numbers…


Then one day the unthinkable happens:
All the guests leave this awful clearly understaffed, hotel because they’re tired of changing rooms every five minutes. The night manager loses his job and is replaced by a new manager who shuts off every floor after the fourth one- turning the hotel in ukraine from a rickety, vertigo inducing, nightmare to a fairly normal hotel.
The money that was previously spent on feeding and caring for an infinite number of guests is spent on refurbishing the place and it soon reopens as one of the poshest hotels in the country.