The Holy Trinity Chal

Same as the GOAT,You can post your Three weapon combo ranging from Rare to Legendary
BUT there is a twist,Your weapons needs to have energy to work/fire
Rules are only three Holy trinity…Get it?

1.Energy needed weapons are the only weapons that are allowed
2.Three weapons are only allowed ranging from rare to legendary
3.Having a Non energy needed weapon or having a mythical weapon on (Items such as torso,legs,Special items etc. are affected)

And One final note,This isn’t a tournament like the GOAT one,Just post a pic of your Bot with Three weapons,So if you don’t want to join its ok
P.S If you have a Mythical or Common it wont count

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so no annihilators?

I used to use only three weapons… but with lighter modules, I added more weapons… :expressionless:

Nope,cant have em
So think of a way

Let me get this straight, cause i want to clarify some things.
Only up to lvl 40 legendaries are allowed?
Does that mean all modules and torso and legs and utility(drone included) have to be caped at lvl 40 legendary?
Only 3 wepons allowed, that use energy?
Well basicly if i got this right this is a Energy only tournament.Cause the only wepons that can work on this are,energy drainers.So this will all be reduced to whom has the holy trinity : ash generator, valiant, and bunker shell.Also legendary hp modules will have the greatest impact, since builds will be around 1300-1500 hp, while lvl40 legendary hp provide 1700-1800 hp, but in the end that means this tournament will be dominated by energy builds with legendary hp modules… and having no access to energy free wepons… unbalances alot the gameplay.
May i give you some sugestions:

  1. Either cap the lvl at 1 for all legendaries.
    Because all of us have some, cause we need them for transformation ritual sacrifice, and we stockpile them. We either make them from epics, or obtain them.
  2. Or cap the lvl at lvl 1 mythicals. A bit harder to be done, since most boost their mythicals slowly each day.
  3. Allow fully fused builds, but cap the number of wepons to 3, and exclude by poll certain wepons.
    Or just draft random the wepons that can’t be used.
    Also exclude the myth hp modules and protectors.
    Make it like a raffle, select 18 wepons(6 of each type, heat, fire, phis) then asses number to them, and ban random 3 of them.
    Hope this helps.

Hmm… ill think about it,Cause i will TRY to update the rules daily

Updating rules daily… not the best thing… it confises people and they back down from it.
Think things thru, place them on a piece of paper, and see what work and what doesnt… but do it subjectly, from a strangers point of view.
And try to be as opened to sugestions as you can.
Best of luck.


so funny you want peeps to play but change it every other day, thats why most don’t want to participate. 1. SET rules for playing 2. Set a day and time 3. Play Event :grin:

Alright ive changed my mind about changing the rules but i am adding a note,The Level caps MUST be under Level 10.
So Good luck on this challenge Pilots!

To be fair to OP, seems no one cared to read the first post.
He said this isn’t a real tournament, but just a theorycrafting thread: what mecha will you bring with those rules? Post a pic and that’s it.
So it was even reasonable to change rules from day to day, to explore more scenarios.

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uhm…can you say this more direct?
My tin y brain cant handle that much XD