The History Mode


“To understand the story you should see the video first”

I was on normal Facebook, until I see that SM has uploaded this and I thought they could implement it, it would be like:

When evils awaken, when everything was normal, until the arrival of evil (Bone the bosses with their crew and their extension to the world)

The world need, we the players who will be the ones who defeat evil once and for all (?

Your clan against the bosses, against the evil embodied in a mech, you and your friends will defeat him. (Great Title by the way xd)

The creator of everything, type Transformers. <3

It would be a good idea I do not know, you decide. C:

Recuerden que soy de Latino América y hablo español (Soy de Venezuela)
Bye! :heart: :point_right::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ok_hand:


I don’t think any of those mechs are evil at all, maybe just misunderstood.


But what I say is why they put “When evil awaken” so I think we should defeat the migrants who occupied various parts of the islands.


Funny how a grappling hook max range is 8 and in the video, there were many evil grappling hooks coming toward our planet (more than 8 range)


Tacticsoft physics :u