The highest rank I've ever achieved

Finally, I’ve achieved 11 rank. FINALLY. I’ve been stuck at the rank 12 always. ALWAYS. This is the highest rank I’ve ever achieved in SM Reloaded. But I will lose it pretty soon. :frowning:


Oof rank 11?

Jos malo do rank 10 ;D

Well done mate. 10 more to go… :wink:


I got to rank 6…
and that was in 6 months…
then again I got deleted about 1 million times…
but good job in reaching rank 11!

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i got to rank 7 then lost it close after lol

Is easier to say I’m not a potato (not actually)

To će mi bome potrajat…

The highest rank I finally achieved today - thanks to a kind player who gave me the last needed victory after I had gone from rank 2 full stars to rank 2 with 1 star below full stars and back up to full stars five imes in a row.

highest rank

Well, though I will probably not reach that rank again in the near future after this PvP season.


I am hitting low this season, rank 5 3 stars

Just got into rank 8, will probably get kicked out of it aswell when i play my very next match.

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Rank 9.
Still goin with my heat.

right now im stuck at rank 10… im trying to lower my rank just to finish the 30 pvp fights (while collecting tons of pvp coins while im at it) but i just keep winning… any suggestions on how to lower my rank?


Lose on purpose or just take a common mech


Thats a big achievment mate. First black skull. Congrats.

  • the ranking display. Thats sweet to witness the first time…
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If you want to finish the 30, and “you keep winning”, i dont really understand your problem…

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congrats, also got my first black skull in months this week, too!

black skull buddies

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my problem is the time of the fights, i may be winning over and over again, but it’s taking me like 20 turns to win each fight (without counting lag)
and soon i’ll reach rank 9 where i’ll then be destroyed into a million pieces

20 f#%$ng turns? Wtf

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Congrats. Highest I’ve achieved is rank 6. I don’t know how long I’ll keep it though.

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Mate, it took me an annoyingly long 3 hours to complete the 30/30 fights. I still continued to gain and lose rank throughout that time.

Put some real effort into it, regardless of how long each fight is. Rewards worth it.

And Gorgon, lower rank fights typically last much longer than higher ranking fights.