The Greeny's have open agian!

                             >>) The Greeny's (<<

We are open again, due to an account change, the clan was recently dead.

Anyone may feel like it, but there are low requirements.

  • A usual avtivity of at least once a day is necessary. Of course, holidays are fine. Just let me know in the Clan Forum. Who LENGER than 2 days offline is flying out. But you can come back ANYTIME ^^

  • A minimum amount of wins in Arena fight is also needed so that we can get the clan rewards.

  • No minimum level required.

Sincerely yours


Ps: this text has been translated with a translator in case there should be any errors.


Nice :exclamation:

Wish you Good Luck with your new Clan …

The Greeny’s




Thank you very much^^.