The great king of the hill

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen I present the new games of the king of the hill!
A place where you can kill the king by throwing a nuclear bomb or kill him from behind!


  • The hill is the most powerful object in the multiverse can not move, and can not be destroyed, he with the power to be on top will be the most powerful person of all time

  • Now you are powerful cannot be easily damaged

  • You only have 4 shifts a day to participate
    use it well!

  • so without further delay let’s start

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Being the first person to arrive Antonio sat on the hill and became the king

i asked you to leave the hill and you obliged

im now the new king

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Why can’t we just use the “last person to post wins” topic

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I call the police and frame you for stealing something and they interrogate you. While you are talking to them I take the hill.

Dude,what is wrong with you?
If you don’t want to play,then take your boots and leave instead of ruining people’s stuff.

Get out of here,please.

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I take out my 3-round burst FAMAS and point it at you.

You go to the bottom of the hill only to discover that it was a gun I just received as a present and it had no magazine,nor a live round loaded in the barrel.

Lake is now the king of the hill.


The host empowers @jhjln87 and @MechSlayer
to be able to use a tank or a fighter plane
Use it well xD

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I am waiting for the host to give me a clip full of ammo in order to be able to kill.
Although I won’t kill people right away,I will keep it for when it’s needed.

I respect the rules:

First of all,I do have a FAMAS.Don’t ask,it’s a long story.So it’s within my reach.

I have an object capable of killing,but I stated above that it has no ammo.So it’s no more than a 4 kilograms piece of metal.Not a lethal object.Unless the host gives me a mag full of standard AR 5.56 caliber.

Tips for the host:
30 bullets in the magazine,3-round burst action rifle (won’t go full auto to preserve ammo and mine doesn’t have semi-auto function.Won’t use full auto but shoot a single bullet to make the bullet feeding more fair).

That means 10 people that I can kill.Unless the host gives me a partially filled mag.That’s up to @Antonio_Ortega

No rules broken.Just exploited something that wasn’t a rule to get my rifle in the game.


Let’s team up!

Or it isn’t fair.The dude has a god damn tank :laughing:

Unless @MechSlayer uses his plane to destroy it.

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The Hill had an earthquacke, making the hill very steep and with a peak only for one person to stay on the very top. I push everyone, that posted before me, off fighting over it, and they died easily falling down the steep hill. Now they cannot post here anymore.

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Hey,that’s not fair…

Look how he bent the rules better than I did…Well,it’s not illegal,just unfair :laughing:
Creativity is a true weapon.


Before I die,can I have just 3 bullets in that magazine?


I charge @JamAnime12 with involuntary manslaughter and take him to court, where I send a body double of me to fight in said court, allowing me to hike to the top of the mountain.


“I didn’t die nor guilty. Nothing stated in the above about me dying or if Guilty and going to prison.”
So next scenario:

The verdict of the Court ruling was innocent. The was not enough evidence to prove man slaughter. So, I chase and sneak behind @Nemesis9 and pull him down the hill, where he fell to death. I’m back on the top, being king of the hill.


Off topic

I have a strong creative story telling, with imagination.


I’ve never signed up to play this game…


Okey xD!


I just give you a push for you to try :slight_smile:


I’ll only give you half the ammo of an glock xD!

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