The good old days


I miss the good old days

Just remembering the past times

Yeah me too :c Rip old sm :cookie:


Fantastic, I miss it


Twin Haunteclere and twin yellow beam forever meta



Is that an old vid?

Oof…this is gonna be a memory vid isn’t it?

Ah good old times when i was an rank 1.


Still got some old parts


Those heat modules look better than the ones we have now lol.


True… Though the SM today is a bit fun, Less fun than the old days though


everyone who even got to lvl 30 was rank 1 :grin:


I used to have more legacy myths like devastator swarm and death punch but I think I converted them to power kits :confused:


i miss being rank 1


i know how to play the old sm now!




Hey @bestplayerintheworld if I remember correct
Scope torso was the best torso in those days right ?


My favorite torso was the Shield torso.
I miss it so much…:sob:


No Scrope wasn’t the best, GOD MODE was


God mode is OP i heard…
It had 1000 health or something.(I didn’t get that soo correct me if i am wrong)
It was imposimble.

Tbh i’ve never have any mythical troso


do u even know what i am talking about


Yes i know what u talking about.

The original mech.