The GOAT Tournament - Sign up -


Hear thy, hear thy.
Pilots and Pilotess, it is with great honnor that i announce the First Edition of the GOAT Tournament, the single most prestigious and challanging tournament in SM history.
Dear possible participants of this event, here is what you have to do:
Enter your ingame name, and your GMT hour (so the Organizer places you with someone close to u).
You will be then put into a tournament on
This is the sign-up phase of the tournament.
After this is over, and we have our participants.
The participants have to submit their builds, screenshots(torso,wepons,utility,modules) of the builds they will use, to the Organizer.
They will be analised so that no rules are broken.
The tournament is piramidal.
Build a mech using only lvl 1 epic,rare,common items.
Fight the designated oponent for advancement.
Do not use any legendary, mythical, legacy items in your builds.
Do not upgrade your items over lvl 1 epic(rares and commons can be upgraded)
There is time frame in wich you have to fight your oponent, 24h i think should be enough.
The winner advances to fight again.
The loser can still participate for fun, with others that have lost.
Cheating means disqualification.
Have fun.
This is ment to be a clean, creative, and skill based tournament…but most important FUN.
The deadline for sign-up is 1st of November.


Mordulec, UTC +1:00, Warsaw time


Example of signing up:
El Metre GMT +3 hours.
Example of screenshots needed for validation of sign up:

The screenshots you send to The Organizer.
Don’t post here


Elcent. UTC +1 currently.

feel free to drop or add me make the numbers up.


We can not use the 1kg teleport.??


Wepwawet… UTC -3

As soon as I have build the mech I will send u the capture.


^^ thats not correct, we had some self made tournaments with lower level items also in past of SuperMechs history !

I think I know one winner and one 2nd placed from this tournaments (feel free to correct me about, if I am wrong about the winners) …

@Fluffeh won 1 !
@MrOneTwo placed 2nd ! (he did very good)

BUT … I wish you good luck with that tournament @El_Metre , I am also able to help you about, like I know exactly about what you need to watch about, that it will not end like the past serious of self-made-tournaments …

Here 2 points which you need to watch/think for …

  • players lives in different time-zones
  • some players will sign up, but will be not on time with their matches

… there are more points like this, if you want to know, just ask me in pm or here, if you not want, also ok !


Good Luck anyways with it !

may the best player of the world win !



I think there was only one tour but im not sure.

Fluffeh won, I was second and I think Powtaito was third.


Don’t forget the most important thing:

It was great. I was first!

…first to get eliminated.


poor @Fluxeon


@Fluxeon well here is you chance to fame and glory.
@MrOneTwo well i can convince Powl to join it if that makes you feel better, so you dont feel lonely.


ImmortalHunter GMT +1 hour



I am gonna ask you guys to keep this clean, cause i dont want to skip sign-ups.
Let’s not turn this into an off topic thread.
So if you could just keep it around the topic it would be great.
@bestplayerintheworld feel free to pm me all your insights on improving this, or any things that i might have missed.


I think im gonna skip this tour. It would be too much work to learn all the weapons range and stuff again and Im really not that interested in the game right now. But maybe next time :slight_smile:
I’d love to see Poel playin so you should convince him to participate.


I’ll see if I can get enough items to participate or not, I don’t think I’d be able to though. You’ll hear from me again before 1st November. :slight_smile:


@El_Metre ok I participated in the same way that epic is ideal because I only have epics lol


Skiloz UTC+1 and I want to participate


Splatter, GMT+2 (but will be GMT+1 by 1st of November).
I’d like to partecipate, hope I’ll have the time.

Remember remember the 5th 1st of November!


Stinger, GMT+1:00, I live in the UK


CAn I have some more infomation about this goat tournament