The GOAT Challenge


So this is what it is about.
A new tournament made by us players and supprted by the forum.
The rules:
1.Vote if you want or not.
2. Sign up for it.
3. Build a mech, only using epics.
4. The lvls of the epics is max 1.
5. You take a picture of your mech(all screens, torso, wepons, utility, modules).
6. Send the picture to the Organiser(will be elected, he will not participate and is impartial).
7. The tournament is piramidal.Qualifiers,quarters,semi,and final.If there are too many players we make groups(like footbal tournaments)
8. Fight your designeted rival to advance. Replay will be validated by Organiser.
9.Have fun.

  • Yes, let’s have some fun.
  • No, it is a waste of time.

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@Sarah247, @Mohadib


Until when there is time to register? I need to get a drone and an epic torso (the one I´ve is at max 30)


I think the epics should just be plainly without any fusion at all personally


This is just to see if we can get at least 16, 32 players, to get things started.
If we get this thing flying, we set a date for register, and a date for tournament. We will iron out all things by that time.
So let’s spred the word and see if we can pull this one off.
If it catches up, whom know maybe make it a nice regular, so that both old players and new ones can have a fun and drama free tournament.
Furthermore we get a new chalange, of creativity and skill.
I agree with same lvl 1, but also lvl 5 is prety low too.



I got many epics items on “ramboy” mission… That´s good to the GOAT.


Btw why is it called the “GOAT challenge” :confused:


lol… I guess they are the acronym for “Greatest Of All Times”… (but the name El Metre invented it, we would have to ask him)


No no, I definitely invented that name first. :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought we need to make mechs that look like goats… :stuck_out_tongue: We already have the horns… (well, I don’t… heh.)

Well, Greatest of All Times works, too.


Yes the name means Greatest Of All Times, and i credit Flushy for it.
This caught up, and make me happy.
I think we can also start a topic for registration and drafting.
But first we need to elect an Organizer.
The Organizer is one of us, that verifies the legitamicy of the builds, so that no one accidently uses a fully fused mythical items(like an Avenger Torso, or a corupt light, mythical plate).
Also he drafts the matches, i am proposing a either a piramidal tournament, or a groups one, depending on how many we register.
I incline more for groups, and each in the group fight the others in that group, and the one with the most wins advances(more matches), and then we go to quartes, semis, final.
Maybe @Sarah247, @Mohadib, can make us a nice GOAT medal too, one that looks like a goat :goat:, if we aren’t asking for to much?


I’m guessing you are participating, right? :slight_smile:

Depending on the schedule, I’m not sure I can participate in the game itself… I’d like to, though.

I hope the goat medal does not end up being a monkey or a banana one… :stuck_out_tongue:


i could be the Organizer, if you guys trust me, i would get to wear the goat hat…
But if i will be the Organizer, the next tournament i want to participate… i want my GOAT :goat::goat::goat:i


I’m sure you can be trusted… specially if we send you enough :beer:



I will not let you corupt me… but just in case you guys wanna send me “flowers”, and “thank you notes”, my adress is…:ram:


Can we hold off until after the Halloween event? With the limited inventory space I haven’t kept a lot of the epics that I’d need for this.


well i will organise a new thread with registration, and make the list of participants.
Set the ground rules, and i think within a week from when the registration is closed, we can hold it.
That gives all participants 1 week to get their builds submited and analised.
Halloween is on 31st Oct, so will be kinda 5-7th november and estimated date for this tournament.
I think a 2-4 days should be the lengh of it.
And results will be called on the main event topic, and validated there.


think this one fits here better.
Excelent sugestion on the challonge, will be used.


and she is the co-creator :joy:


Congratulations genius!!!

now will be changed thanks to you !!!