The games of ... I improve part 3

Well as everyone knows every half week I’m making a theme that I improve mythic but as you all know the winner was the drone murmur this time will be modules and a bonus vote [poll type=regular max=25 public=true]

  • Cooling Mass Boosters
  • Heat Engine
  • Energy Mass Boosters
  • Energy Engine

Voting bonus

  • Brutality!!!
  • Improve my Torso Windigo to level 50 :confused:

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Everyone is welcome to vote ah and the voting bonus is because I can put modules like this …

[poll type=regular]

  • Cooling Mass Boosters
  • Energy Mass Boosters
  • Heat Engine
    [/poll] I’m sorry I forgot that I will not use energy for my mech I always have technical flaws in my surveys, it’s already legal

Dude, do Windigo.
Windigo + Platinum Shield = Stronger than Brutality.

You can always make a one weakness mech , just add tons of HP with an addition of high regeneration , you can always run away fighting against energy mechs , just like how i run from energy mechs and deal with heat and physical mechs with no problems all thanks to the high HP and the High Cooldown and Capacity

then seeing the amount of improving the torso windigo to 50 maybe it will accomplish 3 things improve two miticas per day and a torso level 50