The game is coming to its apocalypse?


I remember when it was saied that PvP is the most important part of the game…

Not anymore XD


That would be cool, but rigged.


I mean, noobs could research builds and buy them.


In reverse to SM, Monster Legends which i play now is very good made in terms of earning.

Very good for players.

They have 95% of title monsters for cash.

But not only… monster costs are like costs of things for titans currency - fucking nonsense high.

So why i say they made it very good :question:

So… daily in events , not once month or week, you can win strong things, while interesting always different events… 4 - 5 events a day, not one good event every week.

Ok half of them are SM “special offers like” with buying for money, but about that for a moment.

Events gives really good things, not like SM giving you for hours idiot farming… MAYBE something that will MAYBE be good. (No boxes and even when…)

On start i was terrified, cuz while i tried to purchase monster… any of them (almost) is for cash…

It was like rocket launcher for tokens(common).
I was terrified it’s worser than SM.

After hours of gameplay which was really good i figured out that this only 1% of things that you can buy for ingame gold you can fuse with another of this 1% stuff to create stuff that is for cash. :rofl: :heart_eyes_cat:

Too that you have everyday at least 1 event to get legend (best) stuff. With precised prizes. :scream:

Ok, now about typically SM-for-money special offers like.
They give discounts like SM, but HUGE.

In super mechs you have sick costs, look at premium box for titan currency offer - 2000 titan tokens xd !

You can earn 100 - 200 titan points each titan xd.

And typically for TS they focus you on that they gave that too you… and typically for them, in background they make it even harder to play ok.

Tacticsoft gives with one hand and takes with another. (taking your attention with shiny words)

In super mechs you get 20-30% discount on shitty stufe.
In Monster Legends you get 80-90% discount on best stufe.

And you know what you buy or have garantee of best rank stufe.

You dont buy in ML cat in sack like in SM.
So Monster Legends marketing strategy is big win-win situation.

After playing some on AND, i’m sick of fucking ads i cant block like on PC.

SM on my Smartphone goes to trash and release my valuable memory.

I will stay rarely on forum, cuz of good comunity, and to laugh from this game while playing :

Monster Legends

Grim Souls

If it would not take memory, then i would be on German Chat, holyy fuckk i love this crazyness and CHAOS there… and teach kids bad language (offensive). :grin:


If someone interested, i had opened browser for 2 days and wrote this ;*)