The game is coming to its apocalypse?


fuera bueno que lo estructuraran asi como dices tu


Hey Wep, don’t blame the players, blame the game. Here’s why top players don’t play later in the week…

  1. The risk/reward ratio is way off. I don’t exactly know the details but it seems I can only go 1 rank up for a win at most, but stand to lose anywhere from 3-15 ranks for a loss

  2. There is ZERO incentive to play beyond the 5 Arena matches. Why expose yourself to further risk with almost ZERO benefit.

  3. Arena wait times are crazy long these days for high ranks. So not only are you exposing yourself to high risk, low reward, but also have to wait excessively long to do it (5-10minutes). Makes no sense.


    1. Fix Ranking system (a bit more reward, less risk)
    1. Offer more incentive to play beyond 5 matches (chacne to win more Arena Coins or at least a Fortune Box for 10 wins)
    1. Improve Arena wait times (see 2, consider modifying serach algorithms)


lo de la caja de la fortuna me gusta


Exactly, it is not the players’ fault (although it´s probable that not all of us are sin-free) … the fault is of admins geniuses who invent OP items and then you have to sell the soul to obtain them!

Either you put things within everyone’s reach or you don´t invent more OP crap.


Dont work!

If you are a top rank 1 player, which you want is not having to make many PVP to get a prize…!

There is a lot of OP items, a lot of luck factor (2x2, pure luck) and imbalance on the game. People once they go up, they don´t want to play!

The risk to Tacticsoft is that many of these players are the best payers. So bad business for Tacticsoft. That’s why the game goes to the paradise of badly managed games.


More ideal situation would be 3v3 at top ranks to reduce the luck factor

I’ve always been an advocate of easier progression and balancing up of some of the “weaker/less used” weapons so that more players can get in to top ranks and ingenuity in build design and mech team composition can lessen the impact of some of the OP items


o que por 10 victorias una Legendaria al azar aunque yo creo que es muy cheto asi que seria 20 victorias una Legendaria al azar


I leave you a bouncing ball and I will going … why do you think that people play a lot on Fridays after the end of the tournament?


Tacticsoft is pretty tight with pure Legendaries

The reason I suggest 10 Wins for a Fortune Box is that farming BB in the Campaign yields a 10% Fortune Box rate (ie. 1 FB for roughly every 10 wins)

So, why not give the same reward as you are already giving players for playing the Campaign. At the same time, you’d be boosting your Arena numbers for the PvP component of the game (which I would think would be the more desirable part to move players to)


I’m playing now. There’s ridiculous wait times but getting a few matches.

I choose to be part of the solution, I don’t care what Rank position I have, or who’s online. I just press battle button and hope to get a match. Boring AF though waiting like this. Makes me sick!


I say give Five Fortune Boxes in the 5 daily Arena Battles.

@Mr.E The wait time is never going to get better. TS thought they had resolve that issue when 2v2 happen, but didn’t think about the cons. The main con was forcing players, who haven’t finished the first mech, to focus on a 2nd mech. The wait time is probably more worse then before.


Because the ‘geniuses’ think that we love playing campaign. And they get Ad revenue there. But having PvP killed off like this renders the game unworthy of anything, and it is fading away.


Absolutely correct. I can never remember it being this bad. And it gets worse day by day.

Just wait till the ‘geniuses’ introduce floor pads. It will be the end. Final nail in the coffin.


Floor pads, I totally for got about that…

Just when they did a poll about getting rid of them, they thinking about bringing them back. When was that, a year ago, a year and a half, or maybe a little more.


Add item shop where you can exactly buy your favorite item instead of getting them randomly


Apocalypse ? more like SM reloaded 3rd


Why in title is question mark ?


Because you always have to leave a margin for different opinions. Or because it’s the question I asked myself.


I think the solution is that you should stop using all your Magmas, Wep. Everyone should stop using their Magmas and Bunkers. Problem solved.


Or don´t build troll mechs … or don´t use platinum plates …

You cannot go back in time and take away from the players what they have already acquired. But you can correct the mistakes!

You can make these items easier to obtain. And stop inventing new OP …! Stop with the intentionally unbalance on the game!