The game is coming to its apocalypse?


If it were a sound investment I would purchase this game . It already has a firm marketing base . It just needs rebranding .


I accidentally duped my stuff, undid the glitch, told Tactisoft and then… I can’t log in for an hour.


It probably wasn’t them though.


If they get the best payers to leave voluntarily, surely a few demands will be saved.


asking for steps to reproduce will be looks little ridiculous?) but anyway they need to log you off so they connect directly to your account on prod env and check this… that is why u cant login… +some clean up…


HateBlue,if that comes true,I’m staying by your side,just so you know.

I am sure you’d actually be able to keep this game alive.I love it,the building part,the mechanics,the strategy…but it hurts me to see it going downhill.

You promise a lot of nice things,if only they’d sell you the ownership to you in order to properly take care of it and of the playerbase alike…But we both know that won’t happen.
Two reasons why:

They sell offers for 100 bucks,so don’t expect the game to be cheap if they ever wanna sell it.They might turn our to ask a gold mine worth of cash for it.

They want money,so they constantly come up with new ways to suck the man’s wallet dry.I don’t think they’ll give up on the sourse od their income,even if it gets slimmer by the day.


All those who want to buy the game will have to form a cooperative.

But I think this for less than 1 million dollars does not come out … lol


3 years ago, an offer was made to buy this game.
Back then the game was also on a sliding path, less steeper then now, but still the sign of going down was there.
The offer stood at 500-600k $, and it was declined…
For the fun of numbers : back then the registered revenue of TS was in the 600-700k /year, om both their games, with SM responsible for 70% of that.
The offer was firm and official done between a player and the main dev(think he was also the main shareholder th), for a majority of shares of the game of 51% .
So if we look at it like this :
51% out of 70% of 600k/revenue game was offered 600k $.
That indicates that for a 214k/year evenue(that is without expenses and taxes, wich can usualy be as much as 80-90% of the sum), this was offered 600k.
So the return investment for 600k, is 32-40k/year… that means after 15-18 years the player would have started to make profit… that is a bad bad deal for a game.
Usualy if the return is less then 1 year, is considered a good deal.
Now back to real situation… for the investors that took over the game… after the players offer was declined to take into consideration an offer now… i am guessing somebody would have to match the old offer…
So to the “bussinessmas” that runs a nice show about buying TS, are you ready to couch out a nice 500k $, for this game?
You guys wanna talk numbers?
Here is my official number for this game : 30k $, simple as that… would it be taken into consideration… highly doubt it… but that is what it would produce for me in 1 year… and i am not betting for it to last more then 2.

Ps: this made me laugh, and reminded me of a great great awseome person. Hope you are well A.


1 more thing : as i know, when they added a new item, there is usually a portal, but now, mostly all of the new items are in boxes , so that i have no change to get them. For example: burning shower, vest,and MORE.


And they added mech shop just for earning money


As it is the game is practically dead. Logic would suggest they dump it and grab what they can whilst it still has a heartbeat. Any figure offered would obviously have to take into consideration current revenue, running costs, and then factor in the future potential.

Off the top of my head, I’d say current worth is around $300k. That’s what I would offer without having seen any of the books. However, the books may tell a different story either way, but I doubt for the better.

That being said, I wouldn’t expect to see my money back for at least 5yrs, and I’d be happy to just break even with running costs until then. Right now I’m looking for an alternative revenue stream that I can also have fun with at the same time. I’m seriously considering restauranteering, but would rather buy this game.

I’m betting the ‘geniuses’ will never sell it though. Too much pride and arrogance.


As long as your serious about buying it, not just gonna let a decent offer not go through, or you not being serious about this. If someone decent gets a hold of the game, I think it could be returned to its prime, if everything goes to plan, maybe better.


It just needs a better leader and more traffic…

I try to buy the game 3 times :slight_smile:


At this point they better off to just give me the game and take 20%

Owner would end up with a lot more money in his pocket :slight_smile:


god yall are drama queens

this game is not dying, contrary to how many would like to see it so


Someone with eyes, I see.



That´s the situation. 8 pm UTC. There are no players playing on top 20. They are not in the chat either.

I can only speak for the top spots … people don´t play!

And do you know why they don´t play? Because they filled the game with so much OP trash that now most don´t dare to play. They all care for themselves of all. Everyone takes care of their own ass and prefer dont play.

There is a saying that says “ambition breaks the bag”. And it is never more true than here. They’re fucking the game with such ambition!


lamentablemente esto es muy cierto


My ideas to avoid the apocalypse:

Monday/Tuesday = Gold Portal

Wednesday/Thursday = Item portal but not for new weapons only. Every week a portal where you can win current legendaries.

Friday/Saturday = Color paint portal

Sunday = God rested

I’m pretty sure that with those weekly events this game will return interesting.
@Sarah247 @Mohadib :+1: