The game is coming to its apocalypse?


Well … nothing lasts forever. And much less the games on internet! A game is destined to die from the moment of its birth.

I think that TS really wants to put an end to this and maybe start a different project.

The updates of the last months are made to raise money, sometimes more, sometimes less. But there is a reality that cannot be covered, people on the high ranges (where the best payers are), don´t play! They does not play because there is so much OP item, that once you go up in the ranking you don´t want to face any player who has 3 magmas, 3 bunkers or 3000 HP …! The OP items were made to collect more money, but at the same time they are killing the game. eg. the legendary HP plates unbalanced the game from the beginning, and this never changed despite everything we asked for. Today we discover that legendary HP plates are the workhorse to sell tokens!

That is, as long as there are people who continue to pay for the game, it may stay a little longer, but not much more. And every time we say “the game is dying”, we are not saying anything new and it is really what TS expects and what happens all the time with the online games.

So it doesn´t catch your attention if one day you discover that the curtain was closed. Don´t lose touch with your best friends, save their email addresses before you cannot do it!


Well looks like this same reality has set in for everyone. The forum is full of similar posts from just the last few days.

Plus no word from devs or mods around here. All gone quite like mice, or maybe even retrenched.

@Sarah247 let me know if TS is interested in selling this game. I’d be interested in buying it. I’ll revive it, manage and develop it properly, and eventually it will make me money. You can sit back and watch. Either that, or its soon gone forever.


A couple of years ago they were looking for investors in North America. There is a website where it´s published.


I would only be interested in buying it outright. I would never invest in something that is so poorly managed.

RIP investor funds.


I don´t know if it would be a good business to revive something that has died. Once something is over people don´t want to go back. Look for new things.

Tacticsoft itself would come to compete with you with a new project and we must recognize that they have been skilled for years on this. So much so that you are interested in buying the game.


I almost invested during beta testing about 7 years ago. Under new management I may be interested in providing capital, but I would have to see a convincing new business plan.


And yesterday I was thinking of publishing a warning message, that says when 2 “token-costing” events (portals, increased drop rates for new items, PP raffles, etc) follow, then you can be sure there would be followed by other money-sucking events…

Huh, I think that’s another harbringer of SM’s death you foresee here…


people have been saying that for years, yet, here we are.


But when the river sounds, water brings. The very fact of “years” is what makes us think that there are no “years” left.


I just want to say this game is really not interesting activity
So so many is quit this game and soon this game will end


This game is really boring and it’s hard to make top SM youtuber record great SM video


When there is so much OP item (but difficult to obtain), that is what really bores.

I think all the old players agree that the game was more fun and interesting when people competed on equal terms. They agree that it was more interesting, even though it didn´t have the infrastructure and graphics that it has now!

A little before the reload and until the present the excessive desire to collect money (and that became evident to all), is what has stagnated at stake, people no longer have fun.

The one who pays sees the game as an investment (no longer as an instrument for fun) and the one who doesn´t pay feels that he´s crushed most of the time, there is no fun in that!


+Drop rate is suxx for f2p, I spent 2700 tokens and got nothing (no new items, only trash - myth food)… even that box for 2000 clan tickets not worth doing titan job… I not going to teach how it should be…
Summing up, I cant find any reason to continue play… my time investing into this game is not worth it… start thinking more about leave this project… need to think what to do with acc after all…


I would make them sign custom non-compete docs. Besides, they would be more or less out of business at that stage. Furthermore, even if they made a new game like this, they would still stuff it up. I don’t think people will latch on to anything this company puts out in the future. They are too greedy and stingy in their games.

My interests in buying it are because I see the potential in the game, and know better as to how to improve it. For sure, it is a niche game, but there is literally nothing else like it out there. What appeals most is that you can relax and play it with even one hand. It’s not fast paced like War robots or Fortnight etc. good for old people that don’t want to stress with fast reaction controls etc. It could be so much more with a little TLC, fine tuning and respect for the player base.

Come on TS, sell it to me.


you can make official offer to their management, i believe they can provide for you some relevant price… but something tell me that they are not take your words seriously…


As long as I can inherit my progress to some sort of reboot, I don’t care.


Because, I feel for the few games Tacticsoft has made (and I have seen), they’re good. So if they could reboot this, it would be nice to inherit progress. (by using same IGN and pass.)


Among other things because this is not arranged for little money. I think a lot more than a few hundred thousand. And whoever has so much money, surely haven´t time to play flash games. The big capitals don´t grow on the trees, you have to make them and keep them!


This has been coming since the hole in the game developed . Russia was the SM capital of the world ! Then reloaded came . Numbers have been dwindling ever since . The game play has been poor recently . No bugs are being repaired . Perhaps they quit dedicating resources here in hopes we will all leave .


I would not reboot the game for years. No need. Just form a focus group of experienced and enthusiastic players and fix everything that’s broken. Then put out new stuff. Revamp the pricing of boxes and make EVERYTHING available to FTP, but through different mechanisms. I would implement the base idea, but make the item production times realistic. I would abolish farming and focus on PvP. Plus i would give every player account 1000 tokens upon follow of social media accounts, and newsletter sign ups etc. so I can do some real marketing with the game.

I would have a small team, but would run the game like a star.