The Game Is A Pirate

So heres basically it…

I Bought a 50 token cost gold and then the game said RECONNECTING
so i waited but then my gold still remains 20 and this isn’t the first time
when i bought the mythical box looking one that cost 75 tokens
then the same thing occured when i relogged no new items and yet my tokens were used from 275 to 200
Stupid game needs fixing!

Can you please look into and help. Thanks!

It happen when you play on phone.

if your asking details then

this happens chance but it says the problem is the “weak” wifi

No I’m tagging Sarah, our community manager, so she see’s this and can assist you. That would be her domain to look into the issue and troubleshoot.

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I beleive you wrote into our support team already and were answered.
If not, please send a message to [email protected].

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