The game forces us to be brainless

Can someone explain me why I have to do this in order to reach Rank 3?

Can someone tell me why 4 energy mods on an energy in case of electrics torso go down in two turns while you can win the match with 2 heat mods on a heat torso in case of boilers?

Can someone tell me why EMPs and Frantics make it to such high ranks with using NONE of their brain,but rather just clicking what is in range?

I will further express myself in this manner.
The game teaches us to be BRAINLESS.To hug a cancerous build using one of the few extra cancerous and NO BRAIN weapons to win.And such builds kill those who have carefully planned their builds and strategies.

I don’t think I need to say any more than this,as we all know.

Thanks devs for fucking us and the game over again.Much appreciated.Keep selling us arena coins.


Also,energy is downright FUCKING over-powered.

This should get nerfed SOO bad,even worse than heat.


Eheheh, no it’s not. Unless something’s changed since I left. Energy was the worst type when I left.

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For me the energy mech is still bad, the best is the heat, depending on what you use …

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And guess what.

There are so many EMP and Frantic braindead players you rarely even see a heat.
This build should NEVER reach Rank 3.But it did.Easily.

Doesn’t even have premium body.Rarely use the Valiant.Just the EMP and game over.

Only lost to a heater (very rare sight nowadays) by default and a Frantic gay that hit for 600+ FOUR TIMES.That’s outrageous.Same shit,he had no heat mods either.


I suppose I can’t speak for rank 3, but you used to see tons of triple Magma mechs in rank 1.

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Speaking of frantic brute …

Now that it is used enough, use a supreme cannon with magma blast and heat pump and you’re done …

Vital Hydra!!! I instantly knew when you said had no heat mods, only Frantics who it was.

Defeated that fella 3 times in last 1-2h :smiley:

Gonna to back to Arena just to ruin his/hers attempts of succeeding to get rank 2 with that crap mech.

Although Vital Hydra instantly leaves upon seeing me.

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So that had 400 damage 2x … To 166
He wore a frantic brute.

Today I had some sweet battles with @world
Winning is nice and does make one happy.

What also makes someone happy is seeing others happy~

I am totally gonna surrender next time when I catch you in arena ^-^
Hopes you aren’t angerrry on me~… :eyes:

Don’t try to out speed me :heart:


I don’t get angry, but I think of several alternatives for the next battle … :wink:

I just want f2p heat to be buffed…

Soon I will try to build an OP heat mech.

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Man if I could turn back time I would find the guy who invented the frantics and
stop him from adding them, than make sure he never saw the light of day again.


I will create a heating mechs against that too. Coming soon.

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That image on the original post looks cursed.
Had to say it. Continue your protest.

energy is king until you have energy-free heat items

I reached 2-1 with a counter build

Is it brainless

Free energy heat is the safesr build.

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Good thread that addresses many problems. However the devs are most likely still working with The Kin Ecosystem atm, and are busy. Regardless, when they get back, I don’t think they will change anything