The fuel system in campaign


Ahh, great. Had a good sleep. Came back to Supermechs to play, uhm, four levels, then wait 35 minutes for the next level.

To play the last side mission on this map I need 6 energy, so I’ll have to wait about 3 minutes now.
After I play the game for roughly four minutes, I’ll have to wait about 56 minutes to play the boss level on insane difficulty.
And, well, as you can see, that’s just the second zone. I still have five zones to complete.
Thanks for the update.

I failed the level two times due to no repair kits. While the damage from the weapons they use isn’t anything super big, when a tank rams, it’s a killer move. The tanks keep dealing 120+ damage while ramming, and even if it’s a rare event, it’s still quite annoying.


I agree, this problem with fuel is hurting my head. waiting. waiting. waiting. done, 1 fuel added. i mean its so good for starters but lvl 30’s. nope.


I agree that this fuel system has to go. A propose to rate the game poorly and the boycott any form of paying with cash for anything involved with this game or developer until the campaign is fixed. These are the best ways to reach them, as mearly complaining on forums and comments will not help as they can easily ignore it. It we hit them where it hurts: their wallet, they will not be able to ignore us.


You thing than second zone is hard? tehehe wait for danger zone… you will run afraid of every match with 3x normal damage. if not, you will cry with a 300+ supernova shot of Bigboy. and 150+ double neddle and die in 3 turns if you can survive his minions, like godmodes with 2100hp and myths.

¡¡¡¡its rude,its tough, its hard, its insanity!!!

:fire:Welcome to hell :smiling_imp: WELCOME TO SUPERMECHS!!!:fire:


Ekhm, I know how the last two zone’s look and I know they’re a total shitshow.
This is from a point of a new player, not from someone who was playing from nearly the beginning of the game and was able to get ahold of mythical items which help later.
A new player isn’t really able to get a lot of mythical items until he wastes tokens on the gold, mythical etc. boxes, and even if, it’s not guaranteed he would get the helpful items.


Indeed, it’s good for the starters, but only because each level up makes them restore the fuel.
And what after you reach level 30? You’re going to play a few levels, boom, energy dropped to 0 / any other level low enough to do not be able to play any levels at all.


now its a pay to win game, so its known everyone than new players are just weak for months… until they let the mobile out and come to pc to play, get miths and good weapons of free boxes and like 6 months or more after they beging the game can win vs players on 8-4 rank…