The Fortune Box


I Get The First Fortune Box From Epic Item.

Well Thats a Perfect Update :slight_smile:


I hope one day the orange light comes on … :smiling_imp:


:laughing::sweat_smile:the day that lights up would be a miracle, you do not see that the box only has 4 lights and none of them is for mythical :joy:


Orange light!

Have fun.

Have fun with your legendary power kit. :))))


i just got this box :smiley:


Wich difficult? i think it’s insane, but i’m not sure…


all difficult can drop that box you need just a lot of luck :wink:


Eh, thx, If I’d just seen the forum before I spent all my energy…


I usally do ramboy on insane. You get around 3-5 boxes every 20 runs.

i dont know the exact numbers ._.


I do ramboy on normal and drobs are like i think 1 fortune box for 5 raids


Wtf i want thix box (syyyymbooolss)


I do too but after 100 plays so far nothing so I must have been put on the TS unworthy list… :rage:


Try again … Maybe the next run will be the lucky one ? :smile:


do it with the mobile, at first it will give you at least 3, then nerfing


I never got a legendary power kit before


I did 95-112 (perhaps more) and got 8-9 boxes (4 today and of course got repeated or crap items) but i used it to fuse some of my items to legendary xd


What’s Ramboy? (lol plz no roast meh)


Ramyboy =1st boss

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It = a very perverted person with those type names. :no_mouth:


As i can catch this box? I complete all missions of campaign on 3 stars and reach 37 lvl, but not see no one time this box.