The "For Fair And Balanced Purposes"

Raid has been nerfed abit during the implementation of titans for Fair and Balancing purposes

Raid bots has been change to 2v2 and 3v3 but rewards remains the same for Fair And Balancing purposes

Items shop has been removed because it’s too comfusing for new players

Beta bigboy’s drop rate has been nerfed for Fair And Balancing purposes

Tokens reward from campaign has been reduced to 1/10 of what they are used to be for Fair And Balancing purposes

Achievement tokens reward has been reduced for Fair And Balancing purposes

Base has been implemented because using silver boxes is way too comfusing and challenging for players

[X] has been [Nerfed/Reduced/Implenented] For [Fair And Balanced Purposes]

How creative you are to make the game even more “Fair and Balanced” ? suggest them all below .


TheWindWeaver was nerfed for Fair and Balancing purposes.

Still don’t see how it’s OP to get nerfed to begin with

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frantic brute’s max damage has been nerfed… oh wait, that never happened. when was our last balance update? more than half a year

Release weapons to powercreep old weapons and force people to buy it to advance or handicap themselves by not doing it is easier than balancing

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yeah, like: big daddy <ash creator <unstable power cell

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You forgot 1 thing

Top rank rewards droprate nerfed for fair and balanced purposes

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