The Fluxeon and others appreciation thread


Let’s show appreciation to @Fluxeon for his contribution to the game by changing our profile pictures to this:


you are already dead


More accurately, you’re dead to me, Zark


What in the world is this nonsense…?


Urm no, I just spent hours making my avatar into a gif.


Well, that’s weird asf.


Nice “Gif Avatar” idk how to make one


I like your heat mech and crimson raptures must be horrible fighting you with bad heat stats
(-135 Heat Dmg)


Please do not copy my profile picture :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Who is this Fluxeon you speak about? :smiling_imp:


Cant we show appreciation to arctares by making our profile pics our favourite loli girls?




I gotta agree with Misfit on this. He deserves more appreciation than Fluxeon does. He puts cute anime girls on other peoples’ threads



I appreciate Fluxeon, she showed me how to shave rabbits.

  1. I am not a she
  2. I did not show you anything of that sort
  3. You misspelled “save”


  1. You are a she
  2. You showed me
  3. I didnt misspelled

This wild Fluxeon is so funny!
Always joking!


But NONE of those were jokes…!

All what I said were 100% true stories. :slight_smile:


I-It’s not like that I like you or anything, Onii-chan you baka!!!


I appreciate the Fluxeon’s love of bunnies. :slight_smile: