The first official 3v3 tournament - The Game of Crowns!

Ladies and Gentlemens

Welcome to the first official 3v3 tournament The Game Of Crowns!
We have 10 registered competitors:

Lord Gorgon

So first step would be to officialise your registration by writing in this thread your IGN and TimeZone with your final 3 mech Line-Up

No ajdustment will be possible after the submission!

The swiss system will be used for the competition

We have a volunteer to be the Hand of the King: @Maluke ( ign Headshot) seems to be an expert of this system and he has the time and will to organise the matchups round per round!

Me, @lordgorgon and @Powtaito are part of the commitee if a decision needs to be made…

Are you guys comfortable if we give until june 28th for the final line up and then start the tournament on the 29th?

Thanks everyone for making Supermech History!


Now then, let me get this out of the way, First.

Anyways, I love seeing events like this in the community, makes you wonder how much effort is place in these kinds of things, being creative and original is a bit difficult after all, I may not be in the tournament but, may the best player win! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to fair against you top players


So basically

Community Clan Wars/Clan Wars Pre-Test

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Dear tournement participants:

In the name of the Organization Commitee, I’m pleased to announce that the 1st round will be disputed by alphabetic order as follow:

A - CANOPY V B - Darkstare

C - Lord Gorgon V D - Misfit

E - Muhd_Boci V F - Powtaito

G - Rovolution V H - ShadedShape

I - Trafalgar V J - Woop2

Please check if there is any inconsistence.

Thank you and good luck to all.
Together you will make it happen!


Lordgorgon, Powtatio, AND ME*

Thx for your input… it helps the topic… I’m sure nobody understood what I meant!

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Are you going to wait for June 28 for participants?

what do you mean?
20 meanings

Awww frickkkk. Welp I’m out in round one. I was hoping someone would knock him and @lordgorgon out for me lol.

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The system doens’t eliminate players… you’ll play all 5 rounds dont worry!.. AND you never know how a 3v3 can turn out…

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Oh ok. It was a bit confusing for me, I didn’t bother re-reading it because I figured someone would tell me who to fight.

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vs gorgon that should be 3 bath maded from plat plates with ice and conditioners :smiley:

You forgot a high sensitivity for stylish paint jobs.


Do you just have 3 of the exact same mechs?

Or that or 2 dual deso and a spaghetti launcher. Didnt decide yet.

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Just 9 CMB’s, 12 Plats, 3 Max Prots, 3 Flame Spears, 6 Deso’s, 3 Repulsers, 3 Aboms, 3 Sabretooth’s and 3 Sparked Runners. Nice.

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I like my dual spaghetti launcher as well. Dont know yet.

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What does that look like?


Quite an abomination but i love it.


Ah, I didn’t know what Spaghetti Launcher was.